12 simple reasons why you should advertise on TV

12 simple reasons why you should advertise on TV
TV advertising has more to offer advertisers than ever before, not just because this growing medium remains at the heart of popular culture and advertising effectiveness.

Here are 12 crucial facts that every advertiser needs to know about television advertising, which demonstrate why TV remains the most effective medium of all time.

  1. TV generates the most profit pound for pound!

Comparing the sales and profit impact of 5 types of media; the 2014 Ebiquity Payback 4 study discovered that TV advertising consistently outperforms other media in generating sales and was, on average, twice as effective per equivalent exposure as the next best performing medium which was press. It was also discovered that the longer you advertise on TV, the bigger the effect!


  1. TV ads are trusted more than any other type of advertising

This is in part because of TV‘s tight regulation which ensures that viewers know the brands have been scrutinised and are safe and that children are protected. This trust is also in part down to our emotional relationship with TV, something which builds from childhood.


  1. TV provides unbeatable scale and reach

No other form of advertising can build scale and reach as quickly and as powerfully as TV. Commercial TV reaches 71.4% of the population in just one day; 92.8% every week and a massive 98.2% in one month


  1. TV is a catalyst for direct response…

Thinkbox’s poetic study discovered that over two thirds of website visits were sparked by paid-for media and half of those visits were as a direct result of TV. This research found 52% of respondents welcomed TV campaigns which carry a social media call to action. Facebook and Twitter were the most desired platforms to be directed to.


  1. People spend more time with TV

TV accounts for 48% of the time people choose to spend with media, closely followed by radio at 21.2% and social media at 6.2%. The time people choose to spend with a device or medium is a sign of its vitality and popularity.


  1. TV is the most talked about medium on and offline…

Thinkbox’s ‘TV Nation’ study demonstrated that TV ads were most likely to drive conversation, in all its forms. Paid media is crucial to generating brand conversations and Thinkbox’s ‘POETIC’ study found that, in particular, TV advertising created the greatest additional word of mouth for brands (51% of all influenced variables!). In total, 72% of incremental brand conversations are driven by paid-for advertising.


  1. TV and online work really well together

One reason TV is so impactful is because of the multiplier effect it has on other media, particularly online. TV and online have always had a strong synergy, but this is increasing over time. In fact, campaigns which use TV and online together are almost twice as efficient as those that use brand advertising with other kinds of activation channels. Online is essentially making TV a more efficient sales medium.


  1. Don’t be afraid of multi-screening; it brings viewers closer to content and brands

Multi-screeners recall the same amount of ads as solus TV viewers. Multi-screening doesn’t stop messages going in; Thinkbox’s ‘Screen Life’ study found that multi-screeners are more likely to stay in the room and in front of the ads when they are multi-screening. The use of another device often prevents the use of the remote control to switch channels


  1. People can now watch TV ANYWHERE they like…

The increasing penetration of devices such as tablets and smartphones has meant that we have more opportunity to watch TV whenever and wherever we want. Mobile devices mean TV now has an opportunity to exist in areas of the house that were completely out of bounds before.


  1. TV is THE emotional medium and builds brand fame

Thinkbox’s ‘TV Nation’ work showed that TV ads were by far the most likely to make people feel emotional, and creating an emotional response is incredibly effective in advertising. The study found that TV ads are 74% more likely to make people laugh than any other media.


  1. Emotive and famous campaigns generate the largest business effects…

The IPA has shown that against the important, hard business success metrics of sales and profit, campaigns with emotion and fame outperformed more rational/information led approaches by 50% across the board.


  1. TV adds the greatest number of business effects to a campaign…

Things such as sales, profit, and market share – and, the more business effects, the more commercially successful the campaign will be.


So as you can see; 12 undeniably great reasons to choose TV as part of your marketing mix. Despite rumours that advertising on TV can be very expensive, there are many affordable ways to advertise on television which allow you to reap all the rewards.

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