Online Advertising

Display, Rich-media and Mobile

Why use Online Advertising?

At The Media Angel, we strive to remain at the forefront of the digital marketplace. Online advertising is now an essential element of every marketing campaign.

Whether you choose display advertising across the display network or want to place your ads in front of your target audience based on their recent online activity; choose to advertise on various social media from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube or choose to ‘takeover’ website homepages with your branding, we will cut through the clutter and help you pick the most suitable options to achieve your campaign objectives. We are also able to explore innovative and highly engaging new formats such as mobile advertising, sponsored content and competitions. These create potential for going ‘viral’ adding incremental reach to the initial campaign.

We understand that all budgets are extremely precious, which is why we will not only take time to make sure we propose the best formats for your advertising but will also monitor and evaluate the performance of your online campaign every step of the way.

At each stage of the campaign we use sophisticated tools and analytic software to examine what has been delivered against what has been booked and promise to keep a close eye on your campaign results.

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Did you know…

million adults in UK accessed the Internet every day, according to official national statistics. (ONS, 2016)


of all adults bought goods or services online in 2016 (ONS 2016)

Why use Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising spend has almost trebled in recent years. Tablet ownership in Wales alone has doubled in the last year, with just under half (45%) of households now owning a device. (Ofcom 2014)

Mobile gives you a 100% cut through to talk to your audience in the palm of their hands.

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