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Integrating TV Advertising with DOOH

When TV advertising and DOOH advertising are combined, the impact on the viewer is significantly increased rather than with one medium alone.
TV advertising creates prestige for a brand whilst developing an element of trust with the viewer. 77% of adults claim that TV adverts are most likely to trigger an emotional response leaving a memorable impression on the viewers mind.

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National Botanic Garden of Wales

Another successful advertising campaign ran over the school summer holidays to encourage visitors to National Botanic Garden of Wales. The National Gardens wanted to market their new British Bird Of Prey Centre which showcased thrilling displays by brilliant birds such as eagles, hawks, owls, falcons kites and kestrels. 

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An exciting new client – Edenstone Homes

The Media Angel are delighted to announce that we have won an exciting new client, Edenstone Homes. With a wealth of experience in the development of design-led properties, Edenstones distinctive range of beautifully proportioned and elegantly designed homes express the highest standards in contemporary living, in a range of well chosen and sought after settings.

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