5 Reasons to Combine OOH & Digital Advertising

Learn about the key takeaways from our webinar on combining out-of-home and digital.

1. Combining OOH and digital leads to powerful results.

When OOH is combined with digital adverts, brands can amplify their message, increase campaign effectiveness by 31% and increase the overall reach by 68%.

By using OOH and digital, you’re creating a cross-platform experience. OOH generates brand awareness, and digital prompts a response e.g. a website visit.

2. Digital can help monitor success of OOH campaigns.

Digital can help provide success metrics for an OOH campaign which would otherwise be hard to analyse.

The Media Angel can put a digital ‘fence’ around an OOH location, so that anyone who is near your OOH advert, is served the follow-up digital campaign. While OOH reaches a broad audience, with digital you can pinpoint the people you want to see your adverts.

3. OOH reaches a large audience.

Reallocating 25% of your marketing budget from a digital campaign to OOH would generate 17% more reach. This large reach is essential to building brand awareness, and a complementary digital campaign is perfect for targeting a more specific audience.

4. Digital and OOH is the best way to reach a younger audience.

Did you know that 82% of 16-34 year olds are heavily exposed to OOH advertising? It may be a stereotype that younger people are always on their phones, and that’s why incorporating digital into your campaigns is essential to reach them. But this audience also spend a large amount of time outside, where they’re exposed to OOH advertising.

OOH also provides an opportunity to open a conversation with a younger audience, they’re more than twice as likely as the UK average population to have posted and shared OOH advert content on social media.

Viral campaigns like the below from Burger King are the perfect example of a concept starting a conversation.

5. Make the most of your platforms.

Digital out-of-home [DOOH] has some incredible capabilities for creating eye-catching, targeted campaigns. We have looked at these in a previous blog, but here’s a quick re-cap.

  • Social Media – If it wasn’t posted on Instagram, did it even happen? Particularly effective with millennials, adding a social element to your out-of-home drives greater brand engagement.
  • Full-motion is a great way to build emotional connections. You can do anything from short movies to news and sports highlights, or even create original content for specific locations.
  • Time and Date – with traditional billboards, planning months in advance for static messaging was the norm. Now you can pick and choose the key times or days to make the most of your placement. e.g. if you want to target commuters you can set your adverts to play during rush hour.

We can help select the best media to reach your objectives, within your budget, as we work with a range of platforms from OOH, digital, to TV, video on demand, radio and more. It’s the perfect time to begin planning your 2021 marketing strategy, or if you’re looking to target festive shoppers – the time is now! Contact our friendly team on [email protected].

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