5 Reasons Why You Should Use Outdoor Advertising

Find out more about outdoor advertising and how it could benefit your business.

1. Outdoor advertising is high-impact

Outdoor advertising has some of the most high-impact advertising spaces in the UK. Static outdoor advertising provides continuous coverage, while digital sites can utilise real-time data. We can help you source high-impact sites across the UK, reaching commuters, families, shoppers, youngsters, and more.

2. It reaches a large percentage of the population

98% of the UK population see some form of outdoor advertising each week (Outsmart, 2018.)

Outdoor advertising can reach people in high-dwell time locations such as bus stations and shopping centres. These audiences are extremely receptive to advertising, 71% of consumers look at, and digest, roadside marketing. 

3. Smarter advertising

As we mentioned above, digital advertising can use real-time data in your artwork. For example, a beverage retailer may decide they want to advertise their gin and tonics when the temperature goes above 15C, or on weekends, and advertise their coffee on a Monday morning, or in colder temperatures.

Digital advertising can utilise weather data, time, day of the week, location (“You are five minutes from your nearest…”) and live social media feeds.

Read our blog ‘Making the most out of outdoor digital advertising‘ for a quick overview of using dynamic content.

adshel at bus stop

4. Helping you reach the right audience

Using industry-standard data tools we can select the right locations and the right media to reach your audience. With digital advertising we can target this even more, for example if you wanted to reach commuters we can set your advertising to only show between 8am-10am and 4pm-6pm.

transport advertising wales uk

5. Forever innovating

Outdoor advertising is continually innovating, with new sites and new technology. Our long-standing relationships with media owners allows us to stay at the forefront of new sites, and we’re proud to say that our clients have been among the first advertisers on several innovative platforms across the UK.

A picture of a London underground platform, showing the DX3 large digital screen across the platform

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