Adsmart introduces Geo flex…

Adsmarts new geotargeting allows targeting by postcode, district or drive time from specific postcodes with a capability of  combining specific lifestyle and mosaic targeting.

  •  Geo-Flex allows advertisers to drill down further into Postcode Districts and Sectors (e.g. M1 or M1-3)
  • Geo-Flex can be used to target households based on their drive-time location from specific Postcodes(e.g. 10 miles from M2 5HS
  • Overlay your bespoke area with any of our other attributes (e.g. Experian Mosaic groups or Household Composition) to further target your TV advertising

For example

  • Target females 35+ with children aged 5-11 in households around a 60 minute drive time of CF10
  • Target Home Owners in M2 – M15 (therefore excluding all other postcode districts in Manchester)
  • Target Very High Affluence households within a 20-mile radius of SW19

If you are interested in incorporating geoflex, TV advertising or any video on demand into your media campaigns, please contact one of our team on 02921 320 200 or [email protected] so we can help deliver the results you are looking for.

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