Advertisers stuck in ‘vicious circle of short-termism’

Approximately 90% of the UK’s online spend growth in 2016 was on Google and Facebook.

The backlash of this is being felt by publishers as they struggle to rely on the increase of their digital revenue.

Effectiveness studies have illustrated that investing above all else in on line advertising and relying on clicks and eyeballs does little to increase brand value. Thus raising the question why advertisers are relying on digital rather than investing in campaigns run on more effective and traditional avenues.
It is believed that the answer to this is the allure of quick wins and instantaneous gratification of short-term metrics.

Long-term consequences are not being measured, as short term targeting and engagement are being overvalued. In reality, not all value should be related to search and social click through. It appears that marketing effectiveness and planning in the long term may be reducing as planning and creative fall by the wayside against the short term online successes on Facebook and Google increase.
Brand building and long-term campaigns are a big investment so weighed up against short term gains on line it is clear to see this trend continuing as there is less risk involved in the short term.

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