A solid advertising campaign will create massive brand value growth…

A recent study conducted by Millward Brown has quantified the theory that good advertising makes a positive difference to brand perception, particularly if brands have strong propositions behind them.

The study concluded that brands with strong advertising campaigns increased in value by a massive 168% over a period of 10 years, which clearly demonstrates the enormous positive impact advertising has on brand perception. Advertising is one of the main ways in which brands can communicate their propositions and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. This differentiation is something the Millward Brown study has found to be extremely important for brand value.

It was suggested that brands with solid advertising campaigns and strategies are more successful at demonstrating a clear ‘purpose’ and proposition. When brands communicate effectively this way, the message is received more meaningfully by consumers and ensures that they better understand a brand’s offering as different within its market. Advertising is proven to be the easiest, most lucrative way of building a meaningful brand; extending your appeal beyond products and services and creating massive brand value.

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