Advertising with news media increases advertisers profits & regional publishers encourage digital spend.

According to Newsworks, advertising messages that are aligned to news brands are 36% more likely to deliver a better profit and are 85% more likely to acquire new customers.

Campaigns that use news brands are 43% more likely to generate “very large” market share growth, and twice as likely to deliver a reduction in price sensitivity and an increase in customer loyalty.

1998 -2004, campaigns that included print were 39% more effective at bringing in new customers than campaigns without, while during 2010-2016, this figure rose to 67%.

Digital advertising has proved that brands want to be associated with relevant and appropriate content — recent revelations about digital ad placements have underlined how important this is.

Being seen in the right context, with the right content helps drive positivity towards brands, and delivers quantifiable business effects for advertisers such as boosting profit and delivering new customers.


Regional publishers call on brands to reject ‘blind programmatic’ ad-buying

Regional press have joined resources to call on national advertisers/brands to halt programmatic ad-buying that may lead to brands being associated with extremist content online
An open letter was published by 24 local news publishers calling on advertisers to drive online spend towards them. The basis of their argument is that their journalism is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation and score highly on trust with their readers locally.
1XL the publisher partnership representing local news brands has published it’s online advertising online charter confirming adverts will not appear next to extermist content or fake news.

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