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Global leads the UK commercial radio market with 25 million weekly listeners

This quarter RAJAR have released information that door to door audience surveys were not possible during Q2 2020 due to Covid-19. RAJAR numbers are still based on the Q1 surveys, but run on a 12 month roll to provide a larger sample. They also include up to date census data. The figures below are based on this data. Heart- Heart remains the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand with 9.6 million people tuning in every week. Capital- Capital remains the UK’s no.1 hit music brand with 7.9 million weekly listeners. LBC- Leading Britain’s Conversation, LBC reaches 2.7 million listeners across the UK each week. Capital XTRA- Capital XTRA reaches a huge 1.9 million people across the UK every week. Smooth- Smooth is the UK’s third largest commercial radio brand with 5.7 million tuning in each week. Classic FM- Classic FM again cements its position as the UK’s most popular classical music station with 5.5 million weekly listeners. Radio X- Nationally, Radio X reaches 1.7 million listeners every week. Gold- Gold reaches an audience of more than 1.3 million listeners every week Ashley Tabor-King OBE, Founder & Executive President of Global, said: “I’m incredibly proud that Global brands continue to lead the commercial radio market with the top 4 UK commercial stations, Heart, Capital, Smooth and Classic FM. Over the past 4 months, as the world has gone through incredibly challenging times, people’s daily habits have shifted and we have all made huge adaptations in our lives. However, radio has remained a constant source of information, entertainment, company and comfort. If you need help with a Radio Campaign, please contact one... read more

The year of the ‘Staycation’

The UK is heading for a summer of staycation. Households are leaving towns or cities and heading into more rural areas, with the majority travelling by motorway. School summer holidays are here and many in need of a break will be travelling by car to their UK holiday destination. Now is the time to go outdoors! Outdoor advertising in the UK is on the up! The OOH audience is returning with 60% of pre-lock down levels across all platforms, and brands are jumping back onto OOH to capture their audience’s attention. See Mcdonalds OOH ads capturing feelings of the nation. Bus traffic was back to 97% of pre-lock-down levels and roadside traffic to 97% The rate of return in proximity to significant points of interest is growing, the greatest return is in more suburban areas and areas close to the sea, in comparison to traditional high footfall areas such as city centres. £48 billion is usually spent each year on summer travel, but with more of us looking to holiday closer to home, a large chunk of this could be injected back into the UK economy* OOH campaigns are 27% more likely to make large shifts in brand effects (Binet and Field) OOH campaigns see 47% uplift in sales activity effects V’s non users Whatever your message, we are here to help… Motorway service stations could be a great place to start with a range of options available including large format digital, 6 sheets and washroom advertising. If you would like to book an outdoor media campaign or more, contact our friendly team here- [email protected] Source: Parkdean Resorts’ 2020... read more

Gen Z: The Online Generation

Gen Z are perhaps the first generation who have lived their entire lives ‘online’. Gen Z’ers looking to begin university in 2020 were born in 2002, have never lived in a world without Wi-Fi, and grew up immersed in Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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Higher education marketing during the coronavirus

Marketing for higher education institutions in the UK revolves around the established recruitment cycle; from interest to open day registrations, open day attendees, accepted applications and into the Clearing process. However, due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent ‘lock-down’, this established cycle has been broken and prospective students are faced with uncertainty about their futures.

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How audio listening is changing

Our recent blogs have covered how the media landscape has changed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, and the subsequent ‘lock-down’. In this blog we’ll be looking more specifically at audio media, not just radio but streaming platforms such as Spotify.

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