Channel 4 trials artificial intelligence

Channel 4 has revealed a new artificial intelligence (AI) ad product that will let brands better integrate with TV.

The artificial intelligence is powered by an algorithm that will use visual and audio recognition to identify ideal TV moments for relevant brands to integrate with.

“For example, a character in a show might be seen enjoying a cup of tea and this scene may appeal to a tea brand whose ad would then be placed in the following break,” said Channel 4.

While in the early stages, the network looks to sell these moments in bundles to brands across different categories, be it food, hot drinks, relationships or mobile phones.

Channel 4’s own research found that placing contextual ads next to regular spots, meant spontaneous awareness was up a third, while positive brand perception 12% and purchase intent rose by 13%.

After trials, Channel 4 will present its results later this year.

Source: The Drum

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