The countdown has begun!

It’s that time of year when the Christmas advert competition begins to heat up, and here are some of the contestants so far.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

2018’s Aldi Christmas advert sees the return of Kevin the Carrot, but this year he’s driving a truck that looks a lot like the iconic Coca-Cola lorry. The advert ends on a cliffhanger (literally), and it looks we’ll have to wait for a second advert will reveal Kevin’s fate. While we think Kevin is a sweet character, the use of the Coca-Cola truck seems as odd choice.
Argos – Christmas Fool

Another brand employing a character for their festive advert is Argos. Their gremlin-like creature causes chaos around the house, until the Argos delivery man shows up and splats him. We can all relate to the carnage the character causes, and Argos’ same-day delivery is definitely appealing!

Amazon – Can you Feel It?

This ad features singing boxes, similar to a style they used earlier in the year. We think the singing boxes don’t feel very festive to us, perhaps because the song isn’t a Christmas classic? What do you think?

Tesco – However you do Christmas

Another brand sticking to a similar style is Tesco with their “Food Love Stories” campaign. It features families saying what Christmas means to them; chocolate, sprouts, staying in, going out etc… Similar to the Amazon advert, we think Tesco could have done more than using a tried and tested style. 

Debenhams – Do a bit of Debenhams

There’s no better feeling than when you’ve really nailed your gift choice! The Debenhams advert taps into this gift-smugness, we really like the results! 

Asda – Bring Christmas Home

Out of the six adverts, we think Asda’s is the most festive! Father Christmas, skiing, trees, food and a festive song – it’s got it all!

The world is still waiting for the arguable ‘King’ of Christmas adverts, John Lewis to release their 2018 offering. Rumours say the release date could be Friday 9th November. We’re waiting! 

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