Ensuring your Christmas marketing plans are COVID-secure

We apologise in advance, but it’s time to talk about it. Christmas is coming, and for brands looking to plan a solid festive campaign, the time is now.

In a ‘normal’ world, brands would have already booked or at least started planning their Christmas campaigns, including the famous ‘Christmas adverts’.

However, COVID-19 means that planning this year is significantly different. Should your brand continue marketing regardless? Can your marketing plans adapt quickly to a potential second wave, and decrease in visibility and footfall? Some brands are even debating whether to direct budget to Christmas marketing at all.

This isn’t easy terrain to navigate. 2020 has already proven the perils of your advert being ‘out-of-touch’. Hershey’s ‘hugs and cuddles’ advert in March was panned as it promoted human interaction, and it was eventually pulled by Hershey.

That’s where we step in. The Media Angel are an experienced advertising agency, who have the knowledge and insight to help you navigate these unpredictable times. We have over 70 years of advertising experience, and a network of global suppliers, research, and insights at our fingertips.

Using this experience and knowledge, we can plan the perfect campaign to fit your objectives and audience, even in the current climate. We also ensure your campaign is ‘COVID-ready’ and can be quickly adapted to changes in audience behaviour.

While your competitors might pull back on advertising spend, your campaigns will have an increased voice and project an image of corporate stability.

Shifting your marketing strategy and exploring new platforms allows your advertising spend to become reactive and resilient to future changes. Trialling an online or social media campaign could provide informative insights into your audience which you could implement into your next campaigns.

Our friendly and experienced team are ready to help plan your STAND OUT Christmas 2020 marketing campaign, get in touch today at [email protected].



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