Coronavirus pandemic has altered radio listener behaviour

Commercial radio listening remains strong as lock-downs continue.

Commercial radio listening is up by 38% (94 minutes per day more listening) since the start of the pandemic, according to DRG the research agency commissioned by Radiocentre “Staying Connected During the Covid-19 Crisis) to look into changing listener attitudes.

This increase has been primarily by those newly working from home or those newly at home but unable to work (non-essential/furloughed workers).

Though keyworkers continue to work as normal a third of them are also listening to more radio. 87% of people working from home and  91% of keyworkers can access radio in the background, and say it’s a valuable tool to get them through the day.

Radio has an emotional role to play in people’s lives, keeping them connected even in isolation. 90% of people asked says it keeps them in touch with the outside world and 89% says radio provides a trusted source of information.…(Radiocentre/DRG, 1027 participants)

Since the beginning of the pandemic 30% of commercial radio listeners claim to have tried a new brand, 25% higher than non-listeners.

Commercial radio listeners are 54% more likely to switch brands having listened to a radio advert.

The research found that radio helps play an important role in purchase decisions particularly the “working from home” group. Additional exposure to radio seems to have made them even more receptive to and influenced by radio advertising .

  • 34% (44% WFH) agree that they often search for more information on products because they have heard them advertised on the radio
  • 29% (39% WFH) agree that radio advertising gives them ideas on what to spend money on
  • 28% (35%) agree they have bought things because they have heard them advertised on the radio

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