Despite a digital shift, TV ad revenue sees little, if any decline

Industry researchers have predicted that more than half of the nation’s advertising budget is likely to be spent on digital media this year. Perhaps surprisingly, certain traditional media platforms continue to thrive, despite a digital shift.

Even with this rise in digital media, TV is expected to see its advertising revenue rise by 3% to £ seeing little, if any decline. A spokesperson from the Strategy Analytic’s Report describes the future of television advertising as “simply experiencing a shift in the source of revenue from linear TV ads to online video”.

The UK’s weekly population reach for TV remains stable at 94.2% and the traditional TV set remains the screen of choice for 98.4% of the population. Viewing on other devices such as tablets, laptops and smart phones has grown year on year by 17% but has yet to overtake the traditional television set as the preferred way to watch content.

For advertisers, the steadily growing popularity of on-demand services and online platforms is great news particularly for small businesses. These services provide opportunities for reaching audiences on a far more manageable budget. Where national TV advertising is renowned for being massively expensive, the rates for ITV Player and 4oD for example are significantly less and will still reach a majority audience.

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