Digital and mobile are driving OOH growth this year!

It seems that the out of home (OOH) sector has a bright future ahead with forecasts in advertising spend predicting increases of around 4.3% in 2016.

This is all thanks to the growth in digital and mobile connectivity within the industry.

Digital has a huge part to play in brands increasing investment in the sector. Data and technology create an attractive proposition for advertisers considering out of home advertising. The two allow for the facilitation of campaigns that are far more targeted, contextual and engaging – ultimately leading the consumer towards a more memorable encounter with marketing messages. British Airways #Lookup campaign is a perfect example of clever data use to deliver a highly engaging and memorable outdoor campaign reacting in the ‘moment’.

These clever campaigns are also measurable and more efficient, allowing advertisers (like British Airways) to optimise their creative and messaging in real time for the best results. Consumers also benefit from these more positive experiences with advertising, faced with more relevant, contextual and engaging content when on the move.

As much as digital, mobile is further enhancing out of home mediums. Media owners have been trialling and experimenting with the innovative possibilities mobile connectivity provides. London has already introduced a ‘beacon’ network across their buses, using connected technology to send targeted in-app messages to the smartphones of London Commuters. Commuting and travelling has proven to be a time when people are receptive to receiving messages especially when combined with other advertising – a commute provides the time and opportunity for consumers to interact and respond to messages delivered to them.

Seeking new and innovative ways to connect with consumers is becoming easier for traditional mediums thanks to the developments that digital and mobile provide. Out of home is enhancing its offering to brands who aspire to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with their consumers.

Out of home is one of the best ways to engage hard to reach audiences. We recently ran an out of home campaign for client Swansea Bay who utilised the power of digital and connectivity for streamlining messages to promote 4 different destinations on specific days, at specific times in front of the right people. Clever planning and use of digital flexibility allowed the client to capitalise on the optimal days and times for destination advertising. The client also encouraged social engagement through their creative promoting #SwanseaBayMoments as a point of social conversation.

Need more convincing? Watch this.

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