Facebook is heating up the competition against Google

Facebook is stepping up the competition as it expands its ad network to video and desktop.

The focus will be on personal rather than cookie; brands will be convinced by the help of data to spend with its ad network over rivals. Facebook is heating up the competition against Google with significant developments to its ad network this will need to become more lucid and show more insights to brands to really compete with its rivals.

Facebook is developing its ad network to desktop, taking a bigger share of the lucrative display ad market through the start of selling video ads and offering brands goals, rather than just direct response.

The Facebook developments mean brands are able to buy video ads on the network that drive brand outcomes. At first, marketers will be able to measure video views but the plan is to open up more brand measurements. In-stream and in-article video ads will be available in the development for the first time as well as on desktop sites.

Google still runs the biggest ad network online, with revenues from its ‘network members’ websites’ generating $4.14bn in the fourth quarter of 2015.

However, Facebook has one big advantage over Google and other ad networks – personal information.

This is a big deal for brands worldwide and we will keep you updated on the further developments of Facebook’s ad network.

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