Game of Thrones partnerships tease final season

With the final season (breathe) of Game of Thrones almost here, HBO have been making the most of the hype to partner with brands to fund the series. Since product placement isn’t an option in Westeros, brands have had to get more creative than ever to integrate themselves into the world of Game of Thrones.

What are some of our favourite brand partnerships?

1. Oreo

Not a brand you’d expect, but Oreo painstakingly reconstructed the stop-motion titles of the Game of Thrones franchise with 2,750 cookies to promote one of its largest-ever brand collaborations.

The film was created to promote the brand’s latest limited-edition pack, which features embossed designs of the fantasy houses fighting for the Iron Throne – as well as the face of the White Walkers beyond the wall.

2. Bud Light

Bud’s recent ‘Dilly Dilly’ adverts placed the brand in the same time-period as Game of Thrones, albeit without the killing and blood, but how would a partnership with The Mountain go?

The mashup saw Game of Thrones’ The Mountain defeat the Bud Knight. Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon burned the ‘Dilly Dilly’ kingdom to ash.

3. Johnnie (White) Walker

Game of Thrones and Diageo formed their second alliance to release a limited-edition collection of single malt whiskies to celebrate the eighth and final season of the long-running HBO drama.

The collection is inspired by the characters and the world of Westeros, and features eight scotches, each paired with one of the Houses of Westeros, as well as the Night’s Watch, giving fans a taste of the Seven Kingdoms.

However, we think their first collaboration took the concept further.

HBO previously worked with Diageo to create White Walker by Johnnie Walker, inspired by Game of Thrones’ icy villains. The blend was created to be served directly from the freezer, incorporating the brand into all aspects of the drink instead of just adding a Game of Thrones label to a normal blend.

5. Adidas

Can you think of another TV series you’d happily wear branded clothing of? X Factor, Made in Chelsea…doesn’t really work does it?

The German sportswear brand created six pairs of limited edition Ultra Boost sneakers based upon the royal houses in the series.

A fresh design was whipped up for the Night’s Watch, the White Walkers, House Targaryen, the Targaryen’s dragons, House Stark, and House Lannister.

The sneaks were laden with house sigils and mantras to further sell the tie-in.

6. The Bellagio

We weren’t sure what we were expecting from this one, but this results is spectacularly beautiful.

Will you be staying up until 2am on Sunday to watch the beginning of the final season?

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