Have you considered YouTube for your marketing?

This week we virtually attended a really insightful mini festival put on by You Tube…. Discussing marketing on….You Tube!!

Some very interesting stats were provided by the CEO Ronan Harris who said that

There was 7 times more YouTube watch time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics than there was for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

You Tube provides content to suit “you”, we can all find personal and relevant content for us.

The average online adult in the UK watched 60 minutes of YouTube per day in June across all devices including connected TV.

25 million people stream YouTube via their TV screens every month.

People watch YouTube to shop, to learn, for information, inspiration and entertainment  providing such a variety of users that it therefore provides great opportunities for marketers.

Mark Ritson believes in his own coined phrase of “Bothism” which is the unified marketing strategy of utilising multimedia and in this instance TV and YouTube. As an alternative to the TV versus YouTube debate, his argument is that the two well and truly fill in the gaps of the other. Using both TV and YouTube it is recognising that TV isn’t dying and acknowledging that YouTube isn’t TV’s enemy. They are complimentary to each other; YouTubes accessibility, addressability, scalability and targetability fills the demographic gaps that TV can not fulfil.

His theory of “Bothism” introduces a blend of different opportunities. Consumers are presently fragmented in their viewing habits so it is key for brands to follow their audiences. Up to 42% of YouTube campaigns are delivered on TV sets.

BT had an incremental reach of 15% by adding YouTube to their marketing mix and a 25% incremental reach on harder to reach audiences. Accessing “Blindspot” audiences that are traditionally hard to target ie younger audiences maybe areas of the country that don’t get great radio or OOH.

Specific messages for YouTube can be utilised for specific target markets and its considered the best idea to have a YouTube advert specifically for this channel rather than using a TV advert.

Some ad agencies have found a 12% incremental reach by adding in YouTube to TV plans.

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