How did video viewing habits change in 2020?

Before 2020, there was a fairly consistent story about TV and video viewing. However as with pretty much every sector, 2020 made a mockery of predicted TV and video trends.

Throw in Disney+ (good time to launch) and TikTok (good time to exist) and this year’s analysis of the video world is anything but predictable.

Below are the key points.

  • All forms of TV grew in 2020.
  • Broadcaster TV advertising accounted for 91% of all video advertising.
  • YouTube accounted for 5.6% of video advertising.
  • From nothing, TikTok took 3.5% of video viewing time (1.4% of video advertising).
  • Broadcaster TV continues to be the largest single portion of video viewing (incl. for 16-34s).

Total video time grew by a significant amount in 2020: 40 minutes per person per day.

The obvious exception here is cinema, which saw a 75% drop in viewing time through no fault of its own. We’d expect this to be temporary and that cinema will bounce back once normality resumes.

Broadcaster and subscription TV dominate, accounting for 94.1% of TV set viewing.

New entrant TikTok had a pretty significant impact for its first full year and accounted for 3.5% of all video time in 2020. YouTube increased its share from 12.5% in 2019 to 13%.

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