How TV advertising can inspire creativity across other media channels

TV advertising creates the perfect climate for creativity across other channels.

Lindsey Clay, CEO at Thinkbox has recently pointed out that the power of TV to generate short-term sales as well as long-term brand building creates multiple opportunities to integrate campaigns with other media; particularly media such as direct mail.

“Knowing an emotional brand campaign has launched on TV and that the nation will know about it and be talking about it means the climate is perfect for a well-timed piece of Direct Mail to arrive and carry the story on,” says Clay.

Meanwhile, the Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that consumer VoD traffic is expected to double by 2019, resulting in brands making more use of YouTube to convey their messaging as an extension of traditional TV airtime.

With virtual reality tipped to break through into the mainstream in 2016 there are also even more opportunities for rich, immersive, high quality content as an extension to more traditional TV spots.

The challenge for any brand is still to retain the high quality standards set by a TV commercial however, and not just create commoditised communications for the sake of feeding new channels.

The IAB’s Real Living study revealed that multi screen devices are competing equally with television for attention in the home. Only 50% of UK online adults say the TV set is the focal point of their living room, with 70% ordinarily using a connected device whilst watching TV. This rises to a massive 87% for 16-34 year olds.

The Digital Out of Home market is also utilizing tricks from TV, the use of high quality production values and screens boost storytelling and engagement. Great creative will always cut through – whether the OOH format is classic or digital. Digital does however, allow advertisers to produce ads which can be targeted, with copy being instantly changed in real time through video or animation.

Television has enormous scale and reach, but its ability to produce entertaining and informative commercials and content is something advertisers investing in other media can, and should recreate as part of a fully integrated campaign.

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