Junk food advertising ban could cost TfL £13m a year

Proposals to ban junk food advertising across the Transport for London network could cost the organisation up to £13.3m per year in lost advertising revenue.

The ban has been championed by London mayor Sadiq Khan. It’s in an effort to contain a ballooning obesity crisis in the city. It would apply to all foods classed as high in fat, salt or sugar by the Food Standards Agency.

TfL calculates that the food and drink sector generated approximately £20m in revenue for the year 2016-17. With two-thirds of that total accounted for by junk food. By way of comparison the transport operator’s total ad income for the year was £142m, equivalent to 2.6% of all revenue.

TfL adopts a puritan approach toward policing its advertising estate. Banning everything from satirical funeral ads, to a French Brexit stunt and a topless depiction of Gary Lineker.

Source: https://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/08/09/junk-food-advertising-ban-could-cost-tfl-13m-year

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