Keeping up with out of home audiences post-lock-down

Audiences of OOH return rate is at 74% of pre-COVID levels.

With Shopping centres now open across the UK and the hospitality sector re-opening too, levels are expected to rise to 50% expanding the OOH audience further.

Insights have shown that 2 in 3 people have travelled by car with 79% more drivers on the road, with a roadside audience rate of return up 76%.

England’s high street footfall increased by 20% as hospitality sector reopened, 12 million people visited high street shops and £197 million has been spent on the first weekend of pubs opening on “Super Saturday”. Shopping Centres’ audience has been growing 10% week on week and is the no.3 most looked forward to activity by the public.  81% of people have said they would visit shopping centres more or the same as prior to lockdown with 63% spending as much or more than before.

From 6th July a full service rail timetable was reintroduced and social distance rules altered to 1 metre ensuring a rail service capacity running at 60%. This coupled with the hospitality sector re-opening meaning the return to work for 1 million furloughed workers has helped increase the OOH audiences.

While audiences grow due to restrictions being lifted, insights have also indicated that 140% of Brits are staying in their local area rather than visiting city centres,  (Google Mobility Data).

These OOH insights have been monitored with radar mobile technology audience proximity measurements.

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