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Cinema advertising spending has been forecasted to show the largest growth rate in 2023 compared to any other media with 37% (Statista, 2023)

Statistics taken from the Q1 report for 2023, show that there were 26 million cinema admissions in the UK (Cinema Advertising Association, 2023)

Why choose Cinema Advertising?

Cinema advertising has the lowest advert avoidance of all mediums, where cinemagoers engage deeply with marketing messages as part of the overall experience.

Audiences within the cinema are focused intently upon the screen with little to distract them from brand messages. A study by Lumen (2023) has found cinema advertising outperforms TV, CTV and digital by 4-7 times, suggesting it’s high power and effectiveness.

There are on average 220 new films of different genre released every year (SocialFilms, 2022), a broad and varied range of audiences are attracted to cinema screens. 

The reach of cinema advertising is proven to be extremely wide and diverse.

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