Digital Advertising

Why use digital advertising?

The flexibility of digital advertising means it is often an essential element of marketing campaigns. 

What are some of the benefits of digital advertising? 

  • Targeted approach; we can segment audiences by age, location, interests and more. 
  • Analysis; digital advertising provides great insights into your audience which can be used in future campaigns. 

There are many different facets of digital advertising from social media to programmatic, The Media Angel can select the best platform[s] for your campaign, audience and budget.

Did you know?

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people use the internet around the world. That’s 62% of the global population. 

Digital advertisements will account for more than 66% of the total global advertising spend by 2023 (WebFX, 2023)

Connect with your audience

The average person spends an average of 3 hours and 15 minuets on their phones each day, accessing the internet, checking social media, watching videos and connecting with friends. 

Each of these interactions enables brands to connect to consumers in a personal and targeted environment

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