Digital Audio Advertising

Advertise your brand on digital platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music

Why use digital audio advertising?

Combine the power of radio with powerful targeting capabilities.

Digital audio is when consumers listen to radio brands, or music streaming platforms like Spotify, via a digital device. 

This could be a mobile phone, laptop, car or a smart speaker. 

The main difference between a digital audio campaign and a traditional radio campaign is the ability to target your audience through specific segments. 

We can target your audience by age, location, interests and hobbies, education, music preference and more. A digital audio campaign can also give you valuable reporting feedback such as clicks, impressions delivered and performance by area. 

Did you know?

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The average Spotify user spends an average of 25 hours per month listening to music (Ferjan, 2023)

Q4 Data for 2021 shows that 33.2 million people in the UK are listening to online radio each week (IAB, 2022)

How can we help?

We are able to help you select the most appropriate digital audio platforms to suit your campaign aims within the areas you want to cover, and secure the best opportunities for your budget. We can also help with the creation and approval of your advert; working with you to produce a high quality message using talented production companies, that will help you stand out and get noticed.

The Media Angel can help you cost-effectively incorporate digital audio into your marketing plans.


Podcast Advertising

Podcasts have gained huge popularity over the past few years, as of Q4 of 2021 there were 91 million podcast listeners in the UK (Cybercrew, 2022). A study into podcasts and consumer activity, data shows that the average podcast fan consumes 9 episodes per week (Thepodcasthost, 2023)

By advertising via podcasts, you can target your advert to people who are interested in a particular topic, for example, an advert for a gym would be played to people who listen to health podcast.

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