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Television and Video on Demand [VOD]

Our viewing habits changed massively during lock-down.

We spent nearly half of our waking day watching TV during the height of the lock-down, and 12 million people signed up to an online streaming service. 

Viewing figures are expected to drop as people return to work and school, however TV and VOD remain powerful platforms for brands. 

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Radio and Digital Audio

Audio platforms have had some bumper months thanks to an increase in daytime listening and a consumer demand for trustworthy news. 

At the height of lock-down, daily reach for Global and Bauer brands was up 15%. 

RAJAR, the industry survey for radio station performance, was halted due to the lock-down, but hopefully we’ll get updated figures later on in 2020. 

After the increased figures in early 2020, numbers are expected to drop, however, the return of the daily commute and office listening is expected to fill this gap. 

Outdoor and Transport

Arguably the hardest hid advertising platform, outdoor and transport advertising is picking up as audiences spend more and more time outside. 

Current audience levels across the UK are back to 80% of pre-lock-down figures, and this rises weekly. 

Roadside audiences are recovering quickly and shopping centres are seeing a good return of audience, exemplifying audience return across all areas, locally and in city centres.

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Another platform which took a hit during lock-down, print advertising was affected as people stayed indoors and avoided shops. 

However, the online presence for press titles picked up when the physical copies dropped, as people looked for trustworthy news and updates. 

Although figures are beginning to pick up again, in some cases circulations remain lower than usual. The Media Angel can negotiate favourable rates to reflect this, get in touch today


Throughout the last few months, it feels as though we’ve been stuck to our screens! Zoom calls, news updates, daily statistics…and so it’s no surprise that digital platforms held up relatively well. 

The advantages digital platforms offer of targeting, responsiveness and analysis make it a really good option for brands. 

If you’d like to find out which digital platforms would fit your brand, get in touch. 

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