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Why advertise in newspapers and magazines?

Print media still maintains its stance as a powerful and necessary component of any ad campaign. Unlike its digital counterparts, print publications are physical and tangible, often benefitting from lengthy shelf lives.

Print advertising lends itself to an increased sense of credibility and legitimacy that is unrivalled by any other medium, and this makes print an excellent platform for solidifying brand identity.

Print publications incorporate engaging content and facilitate the targeting of niche audiences; for example through advertising in speciality magazines designed to appeal to precise and specific audiences you are able to communicate with those harder to reach demographics

Did you know?

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Digital consumer magazines saw a circulation increase of 22%, increasing from 2.5 million to 3.1 million in 2022 (Pressgazette, 2023)

million print magazines in circulation in the UK in 2022 (Mintel, 2023)

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