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Why use radio advertising?

Radio promises advertisers significant scale and influence when broadcasting key messages. 

With one of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance, radio allows marketers to reach out to thousands of new customers as well as existing consumers with essential messages at key activity moments across the day.

Radio is seen as a cost effective frequency medium that is great for generating high reach figures and valuable for building a brands reputation.

Did you know?

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of the adult population listens to radio weekly, equivalent to 49.4 million people  (RAJAR, 2023)

average hours of radio listened to per week (RAJAR, 2023)

How can we help?

We are able to help you select the most appropriate radio stations to suit your campaign aims within the areas you want to cover, and secure the best opportunities for your budget. We can also help with the creation and approval of your advert; working with you to produce a high quality message using talented production companies, that will help you stand out and get noticed.

The Media Angel can help you cost-effectively incorporate radio into your marketing plans. Whether you’re looking for airtime, sponsorships, exciting promotions or engaging competitions, we make sure our clients are presented with a wide range of the most suitable options available.

Why use Radio Sponsorships & Promotions?

Radio sponsorships are innovative ways to help  bring your brand to life and really connect with your audience. Promotions tend to be short-term but massively effective; interaction in the form of promotions allows your audience to participate in entertaining radio output and engage in positive brand awareness.

A radio sponsorship can greatly improve brand awareness and  is a perfect way of getting your key message across to listeners. Radio sponsorships are ideal for maximising connections with consumers. Being long term, your brand and business will increase in familiarity in the minds of listeners and becomes associated with values of the station, music, programme, presenter or time of day.

Radio promotions allow your audience to participate in entertaining radio output and engage in positive brand awareness.

The Media Angel works with numerous clients on their radio airtime advertising, sponsorships, and promotions. We can provide expert, impartial advice on the most suited radio station(s) to reach your target audience and campaign objectives and will pass on our experience and preferential buying rates.

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