TV Advertising

Airtime, VOD and Sponsorship

Why use TV advertising?

Television advertising is an exciting, engaging and unique opportunity to bring your brand to life and connect with audiences on a highly emotional level. Whether you want maximum exposure for your brand, or want to appear to more select audience categories, there are many opportunities with TV advertising for you to take advantage of. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most effective and powerful advertising mediums available to your business.

Despite rumours that television advertising can be very expensive, the costs of TV campaigns vary depending on a range of factors including months of the year, time of the day and frequency of the message. This means due to innovative technologies including new platforms such as Sky AdSmart, there are now many more affordable options available for broadcasting your campaign on a local, regional and national basis.

Did you know…


of the population can be reached with TV in one month (Thinkbox , 2018)

TV ads are watched per day by the average viewer (Thinkbox, 2018


of TV is watched live (Thinkbox , 2018)

households in Wales currently have Sky Adsmart. ‘Adsmartable’ technology is growing in numbers with each Sky box upgrade.

Why use Sky AdSmart?

Sky AdSmart is a revolutionary new approach to TV advertising, developed by Sky. This new technology allows you to select your audience(s), whether that’s by, demographic, life stage, within a region, a city or postcode.

For the first time in the UK, Sky Adsmart can serve different ads to different Sky households watching the same programme, based on factors like age, location and number of occupants. Your advert could be targeted to families with children in Cardiff, older affluent males in Manchester, business-people in London etc.

The flexible nature of Sky Adsmart lets you restrict your advertising to a specific region or city; alternatively you can choose to show your advert only when your defined audience is watching. This makes for extremely cost effective advertising with truly minimal wastage, just talking to the people when they are watching.

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Why use Video on Demand?

Video on demand, services such as ITV Player, All 4, Demand 5 and Sky Go provides advertisers access to highly demanded programmes that would usually incur a premium. Video on demand is a hugely popular way of consuming television as people view this content as and when they want to. Whether on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or console, the UK Adult population are motivated to watch TV online, due to the huge volumes of content available free of charge with no limit to the amount watched.

Viewers of this content are usually highly engaged, given that they have made a conscious decision to choose and watch these programmes. VOD is a great way of getting your brand seen alongside high-calibre television content at a surprisingly affordable cost and allows your advert to be seen beside high profile national campaigns. Advertisers are able to select and target audiences based on region, demographic profiling, audience interests (foodies, deal seekers, ecoconscious) and genre of content (entertainment, lifestyle, comedy and factual) for example.

Did you know…

  • Viewing of on demand services in Wales 35%
  • Viewing of on demand services in the rest of UK 32%

Video on demand advertising adds incremental reach regardless of the size of the campaign (ITV 2014)

4oD was recorded as a high performer in terms of viewer acceptance, engagement and attention, engaging 80% of audience respondents (Channel4 and Durham University, 2014)