Television Advertising

Your brand could be seen in the adverts of the biggest television shows, on the biggest channels

Why advertise on television?

Television advertising is an exciting, engaging and unique opportunity to bring your brand to life and connect with audiences on a highly emotional level. 

Whether you want maximum exposure for your brand, or want to appear to more select audience categories, there are many opportunities with TV advertising for you to take advantage of. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most effective and powerful advertising mediums available to your business.

Television Channels

Just some television channels you can advertise on

Did you know?

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households in the UK have a television (Cybercrew, 2023)

were spent watching TV daily in 2022 (Cybercrew, 2022)  

What is Sky AdSmart?

Sky AdSmart is a revolutionary approach to TV advertising. This technology allows you to select your audience(s), whether that’s by, demographic, life stage, within a region, a city, or postcode.

For the first time in the UK, Sky Adsmart can serve different ads to different Sky households watching the same program by factoring in certain characteristics.

The flexible nature of Sky Adsmart lets you restrict your advertising to a specific region or city; alternatively, you can choose to show your advert only when your defined audience is watching. This makes for extremely cost-effective advertising with truly minimal wastage, just talking to the people when they are watching.

Reaching exactly the right audience

Advertisers are able to select audiences based on a variety of factors, creating an incredibly targeted campaign. 

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