Combining out of home and mobile advertising

The evolution of out of home [OOH] media and mobile advertising has created the perfect combination to add to your media plans. The mixture enables brands to convert brand awareness into store visits, website clicks or purchases, and then optimise accordingly.

OOH media is a constant part of everyday life, it reaches a wide audience at multiple times of their daily lives. It is great for giving brands high coverage while building awareness.

Mobile advertising offers opportunities for a more personalised approach, the ability to target specific audiences and gather relevant performance data.

By combining these two mediums, we can amplify their individual impact. OOH builds awareness and brand recall, while mobile provides measurable data and engagement.

Engage through two channels

A challenge of OOH advertising is the lack of engagement with the viewer, they can’t click the advert, or visit a webpage seamlessly for more details. However, we can target the mobile devices of consumers who are near you OOH locations, doubling up the message and giving them a way to directly engage.

Using mobile to measure effectiveness

Using mobile also gives brands a chance to measure OOH campaigns’ effectiveness. With users’ consent, location data can be used to measure the number of people who have spent time near OOH ads and in a relevant store within a precise time frame.

Tests between S4M and JCDecaux show that combining OOH and mobile increases visits to physical store locations by 2.5 times compared to those two channels activated separately – making it a good solution to entice consumers into physical brick-and-mortar stores.

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