Cinema ad spend surges as industry leaders invest in premium spots

Ad spend in UK cinema has experienced a year-on-year increase for the first quarter of 2016 at a massive 26%.

Of the many industries increasing their spend in cinema advertising, it appears the automakers industry is investing particularly heavily in the platform. Automaker brands have spent around 198% more on cinema during the first quarter of 2016 than they did during the same period in 2015.

The figures, released by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) also noted a surge in booking for premium positions as brands increasingly look to air ads in the last commercial slot before a film kicks off. This is known as the ‘Gold Spot’ and has seen revenues rise by 244%.

The Gold Spot position before every family film for the year was claimed earlier in 2016 by Sky through a one-year deal, ahead of the hugely anticipated movies like Zootropolis and Finding Dory.

Cinema ad spend grew by 7.6% globally in 2015 and is set to grow by a further 5% in 2017.

In light of this impressive growth, Karen Stacey, chief executive of DCM, claims: “2016 is proving a defining moment for cinema advertising and the stellar results that we have recorded so far, and in particular around the Easter period, speak volumes for the effectiveness and popularity of our medium.”

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TV ad spend continues to rise in 2016

TV continues to be brilliant at creating success for brands both overnight and over the long term, receiving increasing amounts of investment year on year.

Traditional advertising mediums are showing an incredible resilience in terms of ad spend this quarter. Despite expectations that digital and mobile will rise to account for most brand ad spend, TV advertising is proving its unique qualities as a platform for advertisers.

According to figures collected by the Advertising Association and WARC total TV ad spend for the UK was up by 10.8% in the last quarter of 2015 and predicted to rise by a further 6.2% in 2016. Sporting events forthcoming in the year ahead are expected to have a positive impact on spot revenues. Video-on-demand saw a fantastic 15.1% increase in spend year-on-year as many advertisers came to realise the considerable advantages this platform provides.

Although TV advertising is showing its resilience, digital is continuing to grow in importance; the role of the internet in the contribution to overall ad spend has been significant as was mobile’s share of this internet expenditure (29%).

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Marketing trend predictions for 2016

What is 2016 likely to have in store for marketers? We’ve collected some of the industry’s main predictions for the year ahead:

  • Advertisers will start to find new ways to take advantage of the two way flow of information between different connected screens and will be able to deliver even further tailored, customised ad experiences to their customers
  • Connected TV platforms like these also provide the ability to measure results; an enticing feature for many brands, consequently encouraging further investment
  • Programmatic spend is predicted to reach £2.5bn in 2016, suggesting advertisers are hoping to invest more in highly targeted platforms such as VoD, Adsmart and online display
  • Converged forms of TV such as VoD and SkyAdsmart will continue to grow in popularity as brands take advantage of the potential to serve highly targeted ads to their desired audience(s)
  • The convergence between TV and online is going to have a big impact in 2016
  • Brands will have to think in real-time across different media platforms to cut through and engage with consumers; using more traditional platforms such as TV as well as social media in being reactive with consumer mood
  • With the rise of ad-blocking on digital platforms, branded content will become more important than ever
  • In 2016 we expect to see brands take much more of an editorial based approach, being coordinated, consistent and structured to deliver relevant and engaging messages to consumers on the web
  • For the out of home sector, 2016 will be chapter with technology embedded in developments to further enhance the ability of out of home to solve brands problems
  • The continued investment across the out of home medium in new high quality sites, screens and systems will move on a pace with 2016 being the year that national, multi format and digital campaigns will be truly possible.
  • However, technology runs much deeper than just digital out of home, for example fusing Route with mobile network data will allow classic formats to be planned in even more sophisticated ways by existing spenders and attract new brands to the medium.
  • As we look into 2016 it is expected that out of home will see no decline in audience or increase in ad avoidance.

As we enter into the New Year, it will be important to look ahead and identify the best channels for achieving your business objectives for the year. The team at The Media Angel have insight into many more of the latest and upcoming trends for the year ahead. The team’s expertise in this field will help you stand out and be the first to leverage on new opportunities.

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