Which TV Ads the public chose as their favourite in 2016?

Which TV Ads did the public choose as their most favourite of 2016?

Answered by Adwatch, who has charted the year’s 20 best-recalled TV brands, the ten most memorable individual ads and the ten best-liked commercials.

  • The favourite advert of 2016 is McVitie’s “Kittens”.


  • The highest recalled advert of 2016 is “Epic squads” for Moneysupermarket.com.



  • The best overall recalled advertising for an entire year is for  DFS.


DFS’s high recollection is attributed in part to it’s Team GB sponsorship, and it’s focus on the DFS history, quality, British craftsmanship, 15-year guarantees and handmade-to-order sofas.



So it appears that animals, brand mascots and celebrities work best for recollection and popularity.


Best Recalled Brands

Rank Last year Brand Points* Mentions* TV adspend £m** Total adspend £m**
1 3 DFS 151 27 42.56 66.33
2 2 Aldi 112 20 41.97 68.88
3 1 Sky TV 104 16 90.40 188.67
4 6 Argos 84 17 32.05 38.96
5 11 Oak Furniture Land 81 10 22.34 22.70
6 13= Tesco 76 8 32.47 61.05
7 4 McDonald’s 70 13 47.52 77.36
8 5 Comparethemarket.com 66 7 26.23 30.79
9 18 Lidl 61 12 41.03 72.17
10 Amazon 57 8 42.72 64.07
11 Philadelphia 47 6 5.81 6.89
12 20= Walkers 46 5 20.56 20.85
13 Gocompare.com 45 5 17.81 21.05
14= 13= BT 37 8 57.71 132.02
14= 10 Morrisons 37 10 26.00 51.68
16 Cadbury 34 4 15.42 24.12
17= 8= Asda 32 7 33.58 67.18
17= B&Q 32 4 15.04 24.30
17= Müller 32 4 21.76 24.76
20= 8= Iceland 30 6 17.37 26.01
20= KFC 30 4 18.68 34.42


Best Liked Ads

Brand Likeability % Launch date
1 McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives – A group of students are entranced by kittens who appear from the packet of Chocolate Digestives (‘Kittens’ – 30-second ad) 46 February 2016
2 Specsavers – Basil Fawlty recreates his famous attack on his ‘fawlty’ car – mistaking a police car for his own (‘Car’ – 60) 43 January 2016
3 Samsung – Jack Whitehall interviews – Jack Whitehall interviews – and insults – Olympian rowers Helen Glover and Sir Steve Redgrave (‘School of Rio’ – 90) 41 August 2016
4 Cadbury Dairy Milk – Footage of a bear scratching his back on a tree conveys the joy of eating Cadbury chocolate (‘Tastes like this feels’ – 30) 38 April 2016
5 BT Infinity – Ryan Reynolds rushes around, commenting on the speed of BT broadband (‘Faster’ – 30) 37 April 2016
6= Moneysupermarket.com – City twerker Colin and Builder Dave compete in an epic dance-off (‘#Epicdanceoff’ – 30) 36 April 2016
6= Thomson – City twerker Colin and Builder Dave compete in an epic dance-off (‘#Epicdanceoff’ – 30) 36 January 2016
8 Center Parcs – A family of bears leave urban life and travel to Center Parcs for a holiday in an idyllic setting (‘Bears’ – 60) 35 December 2015
9= Halifax – Top Cat and his sidekick Benny ask Halifax for a loan to buy a new home (‘Top Cat’ – 60) 34 April 2016
9= National Trust – Various people act as volunteers to preserve the world’s natural beauty (‘Behind the scenes’ – 30) 34 September 2016


Best memorable Individual ads

Brand Score (% recall) Launch date
1 Moneysupermarket.com – Squads of strutters and builders launch an epic dance-off (‘Epic squads’ – 60-second ad) 64 September 2016
2= Comparethemarket.com – Aleksandr interrupts Nicole Kidman’s date with Sergei and forces him to choose between them (‘Nicole Kidman’ – 40) 63 December 2015
2= Halifax – Top Cat and Benny get a loan to purchase a new property (‘Top Cat’ – 60) 63 April 2016
4= Amazon Fire – Jeremy Clarkson donates the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick to continental Europe via drones (‘The delivery’ – 30) 61 September 2016
4= Tesco – Ruth Jones and Ben Miller try to keep their seasonal party secret from their wannabe DJ son (‘Party’ – 40) 61 November 2015
6 Aldi – John Lewis Christmas spoof uses an old man on the moon to compare prices of telescopes (‘Telescope’ – 20) 57 November 2015
7 Zoopla – A couple viewing a property act in an overly dramatic way to promote Zoopla (‘House whisperer’ – 10) 56 January 2016
8= Confused.com – Confused.com offers customers the free gift of a robot toy, available in various characters (‘The Herberts’ – 10) 55 January 2016
8= Gocompare.com – A taxi driver outlines the ideal mortgage-comparison website, as passenger Gio sings his usual aria (‘Cabbie’ – 60) 55 February 2016
8= Walkers – Gary Lineker wins a holiday through a promotional pack of Walkers Crinkles (‘#SpellandGo’ – 30) 55 April 2016


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The Media Angel Take Home Best Advertising Campaign Award

We are delighted to announce that we have won Best Advertising Campaign at this years CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing Wales/Cymru Awards 2016 held at Portland House in Cardiff Bay on 23 November.

Our innovative advertising campaign that we implemented for National Botanic Garden of Wales was to help them increase visitor numbers and promote new attractions including The Butterfly House / Plas Pilipala. To help achieve this we developed a family focussed, integrated campaign that ran throughout summer 2016. As a result the campaign that included video, radio, online and outdoor marketing, increased family visits by 68%.

David Hardy, Head of Marketing and Communications for National Botanic Garden of Wales said: “We are delighted to have won “Best Advertising Campaign” for our Butterfly House with The Media Angel who did a fantastic job, we are still reaping the benefits of their excellent work today.”

David Hardy & Alison Debono
                                                                                          David Hardy & Alison Debono

The CIM’s prestigious Wales Marketing Awards highlight industry excellence and celebrate the achievements of marketing professionals in Wales. The award for “Best Advertising campaign” recognised a campaign that used  striking creativity and strategic planning to reach and engage a family audience. The channels used and results delivered against the campaign objectives really impressed the judges.

On winning this accolade Managing Director Alison  Debono said: “We are thrilled to have won this CIM Award. This campaign highlights that great results and a good return on investment can be achieved with limited budget, creativity and by selecting the most appropriate media mix to deliver the campaign objectives. We are beyond happy that our work has been recognised once again on a National basis”

If you would like to read more on the sucess of this campaign please click here…

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Cinema Advertising Spend Increases

Cinema advertising spend appears to be increasing due to its audience targeting, technology investments and blockbuster hits.

· 2015 saw 20.8% growth in advertising revenue to 238 million driven by blockbusters including Star wars and James Bond.

· 2016 predicts further 4% growth.

· 1st quarter 2016 saw 26% increase yr on yr.

Cinema recommends advertisers build brands to provide a long term value and a sustainable growth in return. By utilising the 90-second slot with cinema specific creatives and understanding cinema audiences provides the first step to brand building where advertisers can tell a great story around the brand, entertaining the audience who have come to watch a storytelling film.

For example,  Airbnb launched a split-screen experience in the, UK for its ‘Don’t go there. Live there’ campaign. It gave cinema audiences the ability to see two alternative travel experiences simultaneously by using specialised bifocal glasses that employ adapted 3D technology. http://www.sawa.com/

Cinematic innovation also allows advertisers to use 4D screenings that use mechanics in seats to move viewers, pump smells and spray water to reflect the action on the screen, it’s all about the audience experiencing things together socially and then sharing this o social media.

The English National Opera (ENO) found that targeting also increases effectiveness of cinema. They focused it’s cinema activity on one region enabling it to run activity for 11 weeks in premium releases, it showcased it’s Madam Butterfly opera highlighting the visual appeal of the production and increased it’s sales targets by 6% . By appearing in cinema it positions itself as a blockbuster production whilst allowing it to showcase the visually appealing aspects of the opera.

As this year sees many sequels to Blockbuster films such as Star Wars, Fifty Shades Darker, Pitch Perfect 3 and Bridget Jones Baby alongside new releases cinema ad spend is expected to continue to grow.

The effort put into the cinema experience, into using technology to create great content and as filmmakers continue to appeal to film fans means the value of cinema for advertisers should continue to grow.

Our team are here to help you benefit from the power of Cinema as an advertising platform. Get in touch with us on 02921 320 200 or email [email protected] for award winning media planning and buying advice.

Cinema ad spend surges as industry leaders invest in premium spots

Ad spend in UK cinema has experienced a year-on-year increase for the first quarter of 2016 at a massive 26%.

Of the many industries increasing their spend in cinema advertising, it appears the automakers industry is investing particularly heavily in the platform. Automaker brands have spent around 198% more on cinema during the first quarter of 2016 than they did during the same period in 2015.

The figures, released by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) also noted a surge in booking for premium positions as brands increasingly look to air ads in the last commercial slot before a film kicks off. This is known as the ‘Gold Spot’ and has seen revenues rise by 244%.

The Gold Spot position before every family film for the year was claimed earlier in 2016 by Sky through a one-year deal, ahead of the hugely anticipated movies like Zootropolis and Finding Dory.

Cinema ad spend grew by 7.6% globally in 2015 and is set to grow by a further 5% in 2017.

In light of this impressive growth, Karen Stacey, chief executive of DCM, claims: “2016 is proving a defining moment for cinema advertising and the stellar results that we have recorded so far, and in particular around the Easter period, speak volumes for the effectiveness and popularity of our medium.”

Our team are here to help you benefit from the power of Cinema as an advertising platform. Get in touch with us on 02921 320 200 or email [email protected] for award winning media planning and buying advice.



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