Christmas TV advertising

Christmas advertising

A record-breaking £9.5 billion is set to be spent on advertising this Christmas season, almost a 4.8% increase from last year’s £9 billion spend.

The highest-performing media formats for Christmas advertising in 2023 are BVOD increasing by 20.2% and OOH increasing by 22% compared to 2022.

However, Traditional Television advertising remains the top media format in 2023 with a predicted £1.5 billion spent on advertising during this year’s golden quarter

Nearly half (48%) of all adults praise Christmas advertisements for helping to spark gift ideas, whilst 70% of young adults (16-34) find them to be a mood booster.

Public approval of John Lewis 2023 Christmas advert + Christmas 2023 adverts

The most anticipated Christmas advert release each year is John Lewis.

This year John Lewis brought ‘Snapper’ The Venus Fly Trap to our screens, drifting away from the renowned emotional and sentimental adverts we’ve seen in the past.

More than half (55%) of the British public, compared to an astounding 96% last year, said they “love” this year’s John Lewis Christmas advertisement,

‘Snapper’ was ranked just 68% for positive sentiment; However, the strength of that negative coverage boosted social media activity which generated 106m impressions, 3,248 messages, and 17,928 engagements.

Positively speaking, 40% of the population thought this year’s advertisement was “funny,” and not ‘emotional’ making it John Lewis’ funniest Christmas commercial since the 2018 Elton John advert.

Surprisingly, Aldi’s ‘Kevin and The Chocolate Factory’ was a great hit with a range of audiences, providing a score of 93% positive sentiment; the advert gained significant reach with 1,652 messages, 2,773 engagements on X/Twitter, with 17m potential views.

Similarly, this year’s Amazon ad scored correspondingly with 17m impressions and 1,696 messages, but also scored highly on sentiment with 93%.

McDonald’s 2023 Christmas campaign “Fancy a McDonald’s this Christmas” is the brand’s highest-scoring advert with 4.1 stars since its 2017 advert “#Reindeer Ready” which achieved a rating of five stars which only 1% of Christmas ads achieve.

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(Source: Marketing Beat, 2023)

Top Adverts of Superbowl 2020

We may not really understand Superbowl in the office, but we do know advertising, so we’ve taken a look at our top adverts at Superbowl 2020.

Brands looking to capitalise on the 102 million Superbowl 2020 viewers pay around £4.3 million for a 30 second advert – a big price tag, but not too bad considering you’re reaching almost a third of the entire US population.

It’s a platform well-known for showing the latest movie trailers, product launches alongside famous faces.

This year, viewers were treated to the latest trailers for Black Widow, James Bond and Mulan.

Best Tearjerker – Google Home

This advert shows how Google can help remember important life moments.

Strangest Crossover – Tide Pods x Wonder Woman

Most Famous Faces in 60 Seconds – Walmart

Featuring characters from Star Wars, Men in Black, Bill and Ted, Flash Gordon and many more.

Most Unexpected Song – Audi

It may have been seven years since Frozen was released, but that hasn’t stopped Audi using the iconic track in their Superbowl advert, sung by Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame.

It’s a strange concept to grasp here in the UK, a sporting event whose advertising breaks pull in celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, John Legend, Martin Scorcese, Ellen DeGeneres, Winona Ryder, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Post Malone, Bill Murray…the list goes on!

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The countdown has begun!

It’s that time of year when the Christmas advert competition begins to heat up, and here are some of the contestants so far.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

2018’s Aldi Christmas advert sees the return of Kevin the Carrot, but this year he’s driving a truck that looks a lot like the iconic Coca-Cola lorry. The advert ends on a cliffhanger (literally), and it looks we’ll have to wait for a second advert will reveal Kevin’s fate. While we think Kevin is a sweet character, the use of the Coca-Cola truck seems as odd choice.
Argos – Christmas Fool

Another brand employing a character for their festive advert is Argos. Their gremlin-like creature causes chaos around the house, until the Argos delivery man shows up and splats him. We can all relate to the carnage the character causes, and Argos’ same-day delivery is definitely appealing!

Amazon – Can you Feel It?

This ad features singing boxes, similar to a style they used earlier in the year. We think the singing boxes don’t feel very festive to us, perhaps because the song isn’t a Christmas classic? What do you think?

Tesco – However you do Christmas

Another brand sticking to a similar style is Tesco with their “Food Love Stories” campaign. It features families saying what Christmas means to them; chocolate, sprouts, staying in, going out etc… Similar to the Amazon advert, we think Tesco could have done more than using a tried and tested style. 

Debenhams – Do a bit of Debenhams

There’s no better feeling than when you’ve really nailed your gift choice! The Debenhams advert taps into this gift-smugness, we really like the results! 

Asda – Bring Christmas Home

Out of the six adverts, we think Asda’s is the most festive! Father Christmas, skiing, trees, food and a festive song – it’s got it all!

The world is still waiting for the arguable ‘King’ of Christmas adverts, John Lewis to release their 2018 offering. Rumours say the release date could be Friday 9th November. We’re waiting! 

Facebook announces WhatsApp adverts

It’s currently a free platform enjoyed by nearly two billion people.

But users can expect a significant change in their experience of WhatsApp, next year – when Facebook bosses plan to flood it with adverts.

The Android and iOS chat app, which was originally released in 2009, will start to embed paid-for content in the app’s Status feature from 2019. 

It comes five years after Mark Zuckerberg’s company bought the platform from co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton for a whopping £22billion.

Both Koum and Acton later quit Facebook, citing differences with the social media company.

Insiders believe they were unhappy that their beloved product – which was originally marketed as advert-free and end-to-end encrypted – would soon host commercial content at the expense of users’ privacy.  

Specifically, although the latter will remain unchanged, the men were unhappy that Facebook wanted to share data across platforms in order to customise the adverts.

Source: The Daily Mail 

What do you think about the prospect of advertising on WhatsApp?

The Media Angel in National Finals of Prestigious Marketing Awards

For the second year running we are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for The Drum Marketing Awards. Our entry for “Public Sector Marketing Strategy of the Year “ was for The National Botanic Garden Of Wales’s Summer Campaign for 2017 which helped to dramatically increase their family footfall by 43%  to the Gardens .

The Drum Marketing awards celebrate the best marketers and campaigns nationally and internationally. Open to advertising agencies, in-house marketing teams, design consultancies, digital agencies, PR companies and integrated agencies we are pleased to represent Wales against some of the larger UK agencies.

The Drum Marketing Awards are considered to be one of the industry’s most sought after accolades and have many prestigious judges such as Michal Szaniecki, marketing Director, Volkswagen and…. Vanessa Fitzgerald Regional Director, Northern Europe, Facebook.

We created a multi faceted campaign which focused around the new British Bird of Prey Centre utilising Out of Home (OOH), On line, regional press and radio.  We are shortlisted along with some impressive national campaigns such as BBC Children in Need “Do Your Thing” and Kindered for HM Treasury and The Royal Mint.

Alison Debono, MD of The Media Angel said “We are beyond thrilled to be representing Wales as finalists at The Drum Awards 2018, especially as we are in the same category as such huge brands.”

The results will be revealed and the trophies handed out at the award ceremony on 30th May at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London.

Integrating TV Advertising with DOOH

When TV advertising and DOOH advertising are combined, the impact on the viewer is significantly increased rather than with one medium alone.

TV advertising creates prestige for a brand whilst developing an element of trust with the viewer. 77% of adults claim that TV adverts are most likely to trigger an emotional response leaving a memorable impression on the viewers mind.
DOOH is more likely to engage people who are active, such as commuters, shoppers, and socialisers. Their engagement with the ad in this active state will thus make it more likely that the brand becomes inescapable; it’s marketing message engrained.
From a planning point of view the integration of DOOH and TV is flexible in deadline cut off allowing changes to marketing messages and reaction to the current market place. DOOH advertising is fast and responsive, with campaign amendments often made hourly. This affords brands the agility to optimise their advertising activity, boost campaign efficiency, and obtain last-minute deals.
What’s more, campaign efficiency can be increased by integrating the targeting capabilities of TV and DOOH advertising. TV ads allow for demographic targeting, as they can be placed on niche interest channels or programming watched by a brand’s target audience.
DOOH ads can be targeted in terms of location (for example, advertising outside a retail outlet to attract more customers) and time (for example, advertising by lunchtime to target commuters). Indeed, DOOH ads will serve as a perfect supplement to TV ads because they are not as easily avoided as TV ads, and will reach a wider audience.
Finally, integration heightens online response. Indeed, 74% of UK adults claim to have picked up an internet connected device during TV ad breaks This consequently leads to upsurges in brand searches and greater social media engagement. The use of DOOH will further drive this online response. According to a research project, OutPerform, by Outsmart, OOH activity drives +17% uplift in smartphone brand actions. The integration of TV and DOOH should thus generate a wider online response.
In summary, it is clear that the distinct benefits of TV ads and DOOH ads will be significantly increased when they are working together. This will create a more effective advertising strategy for the advertiser, thereby ensuring that its audience is more acutely captivated.

If you need help ensuring your marketing budget is invested on the right media platforms so you STAND OUT and get results, contact our award winning team for impartial media planning and buying expertise on [email protected] or call us on 02921 320200. #LoveMarketing

Which TV Ads the public chose as their favourite in 2016?

Which TV Ads did the public choose as their most favourite of 2016?

Answered by Adwatch, who has charted the year’s 20 best-recalled TV brands, the ten most memorable individual ads and the ten best-liked commercials.

  • The favourite advert of 2016 is McVitie’s “Kittens”.


  • The highest recalled advert of 2016 is “Epic squads” for


  • The best overall recalled advertising for an entire year is for  DFS.


DFS’s high recollection is attributed in part to it’s Team GB sponsorship, and it’s focus on the DFS history, quality, British craftsmanship, 15-year guarantees and handmade-to-order sofas.



So it appears that animals, brand mascots and celebrities work best for recollection and popularity.


Best Recalled Brands

Rank Last year Brand Points* Mentions* TV adspend £m** Total adspend £m**
1 3 DFS 151 27 42.56 66.33
2 2 Aldi 112 20 41.97 68.88
3 1 Sky TV 104 16 90.40 188.67
4 6 Argos 84 17 32.05 38.96
5 11 Oak Furniture Land 81 10 22.34 22.70
6 13= Tesco 76 8 32.47 61.05
7 4 McDonald’s 70 13 47.52 77.36
8 5 66 7 26.23 30.79
9 18 Lidl 61 12 41.03 72.17
10 Amazon 57 8 42.72 64.07
11 Philadelphia 47 6 5.81 6.89
12 20= Walkers 46 5 20.56 20.85
13 45 5 17.81 21.05
14= 13= BT 37 8 57.71 132.02
14= 10 Morrisons 37 10 26.00 51.68
16 Cadbury 34 4 15.42 24.12
17= 8= Asda 32 7 33.58 67.18
17= B&Q 32 4 15.04 24.30
17= Müller 32 4 21.76 24.76
20= 8= Iceland 30 6 17.37 26.01
20= KFC 30 4 18.68 34.42


Best Liked Ads

Brand Likeability % Launch date
1 McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives – A group of students are entranced by kittens who appear from the packet of Chocolate Digestives (‘Kittens’ – 30-second ad) 46 February 2016
2 Specsavers – Basil Fawlty recreates his famous attack on his ‘fawlty’ car – mistaking a police car for his own (‘Car’ – 60) 43 January 2016
3 Samsung – Jack Whitehall interviews – Jack Whitehall interviews – and insults – Olympian rowers Helen Glover and Sir Steve Redgrave (‘School of Rio’ – 90) 41 August 2016
4 Cadbury Dairy Milk – Footage of a bear scratching his back on a tree conveys the joy of eating Cadbury chocolate (‘Tastes like this feels’ – 30) 38 April 2016
5 BT Infinity – Ryan Reynolds rushes around, commenting on the speed of BT broadband (‘Faster’ – 30) 37 April 2016
6= – City twerker Colin and Builder Dave compete in an epic dance-off (‘#Epicdanceoff’ – 30) 36 April 2016
6= Thomson – City twerker Colin and Builder Dave compete in an epic dance-off (‘#Epicdanceoff’ – 30) 36 January 2016
8 Center Parcs – A family of bears leave urban life and travel to Center Parcs for a holiday in an idyllic setting (‘Bears’ – 60) 35 December 2015
9= Halifax – Top Cat and his sidekick Benny ask Halifax for a loan to buy a new home (‘Top Cat’ – 60) 34 April 2016
9= National Trust – Various people act as volunteers to preserve the world’s natural beauty (‘Behind the scenes’ – 30) 34 September 2016


Best memorable Individual ads

Brand Score (% recall) Launch date
1 – Squads of strutters and builders launch an epic dance-off (‘Epic squads’ – 60-second ad) 64 September 2016
2= – Aleksandr interrupts Nicole Kidman’s date with Sergei and forces him to choose between them (‘Nicole Kidman’ – 40) 63 December 2015
2= Halifax – Top Cat and Benny get a loan to purchase a new property (‘Top Cat’ – 60) 63 April 2016
4= Amazon Fire – Jeremy Clarkson donates the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick to continental Europe via drones (‘The delivery’ – 30) 61 September 2016
4= Tesco – Ruth Jones and Ben Miller try to keep their seasonal party secret from their wannabe DJ son (‘Party’ – 40) 61 November 2015
6 Aldi – John Lewis Christmas spoof uses an old man on the moon to compare prices of telescopes (‘Telescope’ – 20) 57 November 2015
7 Zoopla – A couple viewing a property act in an overly dramatic way to promote Zoopla (‘House whisperer’ – 10) 56 January 2016
8= – offers customers the free gift of a robot toy, available in various characters (‘The Herberts’ – 10) 55 January 2016
8= – A taxi driver outlines the ideal mortgage-comparison website, as passenger Gio sings his usual aria (‘Cabbie’ – 60) 55 February 2016
8= Walkers – Gary Lineker wins a holiday through a promotional pack of Walkers Crinkles (‘#SpellandGo’ – 30) 55 April 2016


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Increase your audience with OOH Technology

As out of home technologies go digital, advertising can now be extremely dynamic, creative interactive and engaging

Increasingly internet users are accessing the web through mobiles. Outdoor digital advertising allows advertisers to integrate mobile with large displays. New technologies are bringing a whole new way to target and engage with your audience. Gaze recognition, gender recognition, and even emotion recognition are enabling advertisers to target messages precisely at their passing audience. As campaigns such as “Look at Me” for Women’s Aid prove. The ad used gaze- tracking technology to monitor how many people were looking at the display at any one time – changing the creative as more people paid attention to it.



There are opportunities to engage with mobile users through the use of apps created especially for a particular campaign; for example NHS Blood and Transplant’s “virtual blood donation” campaign, required passers-by to make a “blood donation” using an augmented reality app, while on a connected out-of-home display, a sick patient is shown gradually returning to health as the virtual donation takes effect.



Advertisers have increasingly been able to break down audiences into precise segments, across all media enabling them to target their messages in ever-more specific ways. Using the latest technology innovations, advertisers can target individuals in real time using digital out-of-home solutions – making media work harder than ever before.

For example, Renault used vehicle recognition to target motorists. With only seconds to catch their attention, they delivered a targeted message based on audience demographics and vehicle spec. Cameras identified the make, model and colour of vehicles from their number plates, and served messages to specific drivers as they waited at traffic lights. This way the message is speaking directly in real time to the audience and highly likely to get more attention.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 16.07.48


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Digital Radio continues to grow year on year


In an average week, digital listening accounts for 473 million hours; DAB has a 71% share of digital listening hours, DTV 11% and Online 18%

48.7 million adults or 90% of the adult (15+) UK population tuned in to their selected radio stations each week in the second quarter of 2016. This is up by approximately half a million adults on the same Quarter of the previous Year (Q2, 2015).


27% of adults – claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month. Up 6% year on year.

The share of all radio listening via a digital platform now stands at 45.3%. The digital share is comprised of DAB share 32.2%, DTV 5.1% and listening Online or App 8.0%. 39% of 15-24 year olds – claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month – Up 6% year on year.

With digital radio stations offering more choice of listening, the potential for businesses to advertise products to a more targeted audience is enormous. If you are interested in Radio advertising, call one of our team today on 02921 320200 or email [email protected]

The Media Angel’s Top 6 Adverts From The London Olympics 2012

As the Rio 2016 Olympics start tomorrow, we thought this would be a good a time as any to share our top 6 adverts from the London Olympics 2012.

If you haven’t already got the Olympics buzz this should do the trick.

Our top 6 London Olympics 2012 adverts.

#6 Samsung – Are you ready?

Cheil Worldwide launched this ‘Are you ready?’ ad for Olympic sponsor Samsung in support of its Galaxy S3 model across 20 countries this week. Olympics ambassador David Beckham signals the start of the event by kicking a ball against a gong in an impressive long-range shot.

#5 British Airways – London Calling

British Airways has launched its Olympic advert as anticipation builds ahead of the Games. It features one of BA’s jets strolling through London and showcasing landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and the Palace of Westminster, before taking in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Best of all though, it is set to the soundtrack of The Clash’s London Calling

#4 Coca-Cola – Move to the Beat

Mother London, Mark Ronson and Coca-Cola traveled the world to create a new dance track using the sounds of sport from 5 Olympic hopefuls.

#3 OMEGA – Start Me Up

A remix of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Start me up’ sets the pace for this commercial with the same title for Omega, the official timekeeper of the Olympics 2012. The ad lingers on the moments right before the start of a race or event, the tension felt by the athletes as they hone their focus for the task ahead.

#2 Nike – Find Your Greatness

Nike does it again. Now famous for its ambush marketing tactics around major global sporting events, the sports apparel giant launched ‘Find your greatness’ in 25 countries yesterday to coincide with the opening ceremony. Cleverly avoiding any mention of London 2012 and the Olympic rings, the ad features places across the world with ‘London’ in their names, along with local everyday athletes enjoying their sports. The ad was created by Nike’s long-term agency partner Wieden + Kennedy.

#1 Procter & Gamble – Best Job

Arguably the most memorable Olympics 2012 ad, Procter & Gamble champions mums in this commercial titled ‘Best job’. The tear jerker, created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, follows four child athletes on their path to the London Olympic Games, supported, cared for and encouraged by their mothers every step of the way.

JCDecaux joins the Internet Advertising Bureau

JCDecaux has signed up as a member of the IAB UK in an “important strategic step” as it continues to transition towards more digital outdoor media.

JCDecaux are rolling out 1,000 digital bus shelter screens in London. The outdoor media giant has joined the digital advertising trade body to highlight its digital ambitions and to promote the company’s role in transforming out-of-home advertising into a digital form in the UK.

JCDecaux won the Transport for London’s bus shelter contract last year. The world’s biggest digital street furniture rollout has experienced delays but is now about to install 1,000 new digital new screens across the Capital.

The membership will also enable JCDecaux to access the IAB’s research, education and events as the company aims to upskill and attract new talent.

More than 50% of JCDecaux’s revenue comes from digital based media now.

digital vs statci

Animation / Motion + 10%

More attention for animated creative over static and film.

Best example generated +24% impact for part animated copy.

Full video loses attention and impact.

The study measures actual contacts via face – tracking.


If you are interested in incorporating outdoor advertising into your media plans, then please call one of our team today on 02921 320200.

Christmas Ads: Which one is your favourite?

Winter is that one time of the year that Christmas ads are anticipated as much or even more than the programme and film line-up. Last year brands, such as Sainsbury’s and John Lewis rivalled in a cinematic emotional battle for the best Christmas ad. This year some brands take a very different turn to the latter, with less ‘sadvertising’, storytelling and more positivity! See some of the top ads making the round up below…

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 – #ManOnTheMoon:

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity:


ASDA Christmas Advert 2015:


Aldi Christmas Advert 2015 – #AldiFavouriteThings


Debenhams Christmas Advert 2015: #foundit:


M&S: Christmas Advert 2015 – #TheArtOfChristmas


House of Fraser Christmas Advert 2015 – #YourRules (ft Grace & G-Eazy)


Boots Christmas TV advert 2015: #DiscoverMore


Waitrose Christmas Advert 2015: What Makes Your Christmas? Christmas Advert 2015 – The Journey

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