Top 5 April Fools’ Day Pranks 2019

It’s that time of year when you spend the morning on social media thinking, is it…or isn’t it? We’ve looked at the five top April Fools’ Day Pranks of 2019.

1. The one we’d use in real life

In its mission to make roads everywhere more civilised, Honda Canada has launched a solution: the polite horn.

2. The prettiest one

Hello Fresh is adding the ‘The Unicorn Box’ to its meal subscription box options. The first-of-its-kind experience contains three colourful recipe kits that will let diners eat “like a mythical creature with a box full of farm-fresh rainbows, smiles, and joy right at your doorstep”.

3. The one we’d like to taste

After four years of intense research, Nestlé has crafted the optimal blend of tea leaves for the perfect brew to accompany its famous KitKat break. This tea has been developed in the brand’s very own Teaology labs and comes in tea bags inspired by the signature KitKat range: two-finger, four-finger and KitKat Chunky to fit every break occasion.

4. The one we’d all Instagram

Sainsbury’s is to stock a limited edition run of ripe and ready pink avocados – a naturally grown hybrid of different avocado varieties.

The supermarket has worked closely with a supplier in Peru to grow the exclusive Rosa-vo, which will go on sale as an initial trial to gauge popularity among UK customers and Instagram hungry millennials.

5. The one we’re all glad isn’t real

As part of an extension to the airline’s ‘depart the everyday’ campaign, passengers will be encouraged to join the crew for in-flight karaoke from shortly after take-off.

Highlights of the schedule include a Saturday Night Cabin Fever disco on weekend flights, mile-high hip-hop during flights to LA and non-stop Sinatra on flights to New York. 10 hour non-stop karaoke anyone?

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