Barbie and Oppenheimer break cinema records on launch weekend

The weekend has been one of the biggest weekends in cinema history!

Barbie and Oppenheimer have officially broken several box office records.

The final numbers are in, and they are HUGE!

The ‘Barbenheimer’ or ‘Oppenbarbie’ phenomenon has generated a total of $746 million in domestic and worldwide sales.

Starting with Barbie, it’s EVERYWHERE.

Barbie isn’t just an on-screen movie; we are literally living in a Barbie World.

No wonder Barbie alone has brought in a staggering number of sales, totalling to $162 million domestically and another $194.3 million worldwide (VanityFair, 2023)

Gretta Gerwig’s Barbie has had the biggest domestic start ever for a female-directed movie, the movie has also broken the record for the largest opening for a movie based on a toy, beating Transformers and Toy Story (VanityFair, 2023).

Christopher Nolan’s, ‘Oppenheimer’ has also exceeded expectations, generating a significant number of sales over the launch weekend reaching $80 million in domestic sales and $98 million internationally (VanityFair, 2023).

The high volume of sales for both films across a single weekend show the importance of using cinema advertising, brands will be highly visible in front of a diverse range of audiences.

  • Latest stats from Q1 of 2023, show that there were 26 million cinema admissions in the UK (Cinema Admissions Association, 2023).
  • It has been forecasted that cinema advertising spend will show the largest growth in 2023 with 37% (Statistia, 2023). 87% of survey respondents claimed they noticed adverts before, during and after the movie (Didgiday, 2022).
  • Cinema advertising outperforms TV, CTV and digital by 4-7 times, suggesting it’s high power and effectiveness (Lumen, 2023).

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