The Secret Behind Football Stadiums Advertising

Whether you’re a football fanatic that can’t pull your eyes away from the screen or an onlooker who has caught site of the screen whilst your partner is watching. We know that you have seen the adverts that run around the edge of the pitch.

But did you know these adverts are different based on channel and location that the viewer is watching from?

This is done by a technology called Virtual Replacement, which allows different broadcasters to overlay relevant adverts over the physical ones that are present within the stadium.

The first pitchside football advertisement ever seen was at the 1966 World Cup and since then, football advertising has become a popular tool for brands to showcase their name.

Stadium Marketing is a growing style of outdoor advertising. Its increasing popularity is due to its ability to target ideal customers. This means that a brand can understand their audience demographic using their interest in football to determine other similar interests. Alongside this you can ensure it will hit a large number of people to give your brand a mass marketing opportunity.

During this summer of sport watch out for the adverts in the Olympics and The Lions.

If you need help choosing the right mix of media for your brand then please contact our friendly team at [email protected].

Out-of-home audiences at 73% of pre-COVID levels.

Great news for out-of-home! With children returning to school. and many people returning to the workplace, roadside audience figures are increasing! Audience numbers are now at 73% of pre-COVID levels.

Furthermore, according to National Statistics, 53% of workers travelled to their workplace at least once during the week to March 14 – this is 48% up from the week before. As the end of March approaches and more restrictions are being lifted, we can expect audience mobility to continue to grow.

Here are some key stats:

  • Clear Channel’s roadside audience levels at 73%.
  • Audience levels within residential areas have increased by +9 percentage point to 81%. (Source: Clear Channel Radar (w/e 13th March)
  • Audience levels in proximity to Asda and Sainsbury’s (83%) and parks (77%) have increased by +10 and +7 percentage points respectively. (Source: Kinetic Viewpoint (24th February).
  • Alfresco Life survey shows that leaving home to grocery shop (83%) or exercise (82%) are the most popular activities. (Source: Google Mobility Data 16th March 2021 (7 Day Average)).
  • Mobility to parks is currently at +23% above the baseline. (Source: Talon ADA (w/e 7th March)).
  • London roadside traffic is now at 93% vs the baseline average following a 1% growth WoW.
  • Visits to supermarkets witness 1% growth WoW, currently at 96% vs average.

Predicted Impacts and reach figures for 2021

This is excellent news for our clients who have missed out of home advertising over the last year. The above figures are really promising and only set to increase as restrictions relax. If you would like us to look at an outdoor campaign for your business our friendly team would be more than happy to help. Please contact us here- [email protected].

What are we loving this week?

How have the BBC been preparing the public for the return of Killing Eve this Saturday?

Using mysterious billboards, radio and social media, the BBC have begun preparing us for the return of epic cat-and-mouse series, Killing Eve.

The series follows assassin, Villanelle (the amazing Jodie Comer), and Eve Polastri (the fantastic Sandra Oh). The campaign, called ‘Public Displays of Obsession’, features messages from the two characters to each other, only accompanied by the hashtag ‘#CRAZY4EVE.’

'Public Displays of Obsession' for Killing Eve

Fans can call Eve’s voicemail 07788 387000 to get almost uncomfortably close to the action…do you dare? And, you may have also heard Villanelle on the radio recently.

Laura Simon, executive creative director at BBC Creative commented:

“The traditional objective of mass media campaigns is to talk directly to the audience. It was great fun to put a fresh spin on this concept and let our Killing Eve characters generate the excitement themselves through Eve and Villanelle’s public displays of obsession.”

Laura Simon

Are you ready for Season 2 of Killing Eve? The first episode of Killing Eve series two will be on BBC One on Saturday, June 8 at 9.15pm.

How can your brand capitalise on popular TV show premiers? Get in touch to find out.

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