Study links long-term growth to brand characters

New research out this week from the IPA and System1 has proved the “tangible value” of creativity in brand advertising to achieve long-term growth.

Ads that use creativity in the form of brand characters or motifs are better at eliciting an emotional response and boosting brand recognition.

Yet despite this, only 10% of all TV advertising spend is currently invested on characters within ads. Despite the fact they outperform ads without them.

Furthermore, even when brands do use a character, they are not using them widely and consistently, either on TV or across other platforms. For instance, on average, only 63% of a brand’s TV ads feature their character, while only a quarter of their Facebook ads do, thus limiting their impact.

System1 conducted a tagging exercise on more than 3,250 ads airing on UK TV last year to identify ads using characters and establish the opportunities their use holds for advertisers.

The authors said that creative campaigns work better because they generate greater emotional response and establish memory structures that enable “fast and reliable” brand recognition.

The research reveals that, in the UK, 43% of all TV advertising spend is on work of an emotional quality “unlikely to contribute to long-term share growth”, with similar results in the US market.

Source: Media Tel

UK’s Top 20 Strongest Brands Revealed

The Top 20 strongest brands in the UK has been voted for and Lego has come out at the top!

The Centre for Brand Analysis asked 2,500 consumers to rank each brand for quality, reliability and distinction.

Previous winner British Airways fell out of the Top 20 all together as did Google and Amazon.

Rising brand names in the top 20 are Gillette in second place, and Apple in third. Marks and Spencer has overtaken John Lewis who is now in 15th place with M&S in seventh. BP, Shell, Disney and Heathrow all re entered the top 20 this year, whilst household brands, Andrex, Coca Cola and Heinz retained a position in the top 10.

Top 20

1. Lego

2. Gillette

3 Apple

4. Andrex

5. Coca-cola

6. Disney

7. M & S

8. Boots


10. BMW

11. Cadbury

12. Rolex

13. BP

14. Shell

15. John Lewis

16. Heathrow

17. Jaguar

18. Kleenex

19. Visa

20. Haagen – Dazs

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