Ad spend to shift from Facebook to Instagram

Brands head to Instagram to spend their ad budget in 2019, with more advertisers preferring it over Facebook.

Instagram is becoming an increasingly attractive place for brands to splosh some dosh and the numbers suggest this trend will continue into 2019. With advertisers increasingly turning their backs on Facebook’s News Feed and making better friends with Instagram’s Stories.

According to Socialbakers, ad spend on Instagram increased in 2018 while decreasing on Facebook, driven by hard-to-rival engagement levels on the photo-sharing platform.

While Instagram has a smaller audience size compared to its parent company, its users are far more engaged. Suggesting that Instagram is the go-to for capturing quality engagement within smaller communities.

Last year, Instagram posts continued to reach and garner more impressions per fan than its Stories feature (around 15% and 25% more, respectively).

However, the volume of brands posting on Stories has quadrupled over the last year, with brands investing 212% more in Stories compared with the previous year.

A quarter (25%) of brands’ Instagram ad spend now goes on Stories. This will continue to grow through 2019. As just a few examples, easyJet recently made it possible for users to find and book holidays simply by clicking on a photo, while Spotify, SoundCloud and Shazam are offering their services via Stories. Expect to see more of this integration in the coming months, especially as Instagram promises to enhance its ecommerce features.

Alice Cuffe, editor at We Are Social, says while no one can argue that the specialised and detailed targeting of Facebook is appealing to advertisers, when it comes to creative innovation, Instagram Stories has the edge.

“Instagram has evolved Stories to allow brands to connect with audiences in a space where they feel comfortable enough to express their truest, least curated selves,” she explains.

“While Facebook is simple and reliable, Stories is currently owning the reactive space.  Functionalities such as polls, questions, emoji sliders and swipe-up links all provide an easy and immediate way to connect with your audience and allow them to react to your brand in the moment. The temporary nature of Stories also means brands have more freedom to experiment, without necessarily requiring heavy design work or rounds of internal concepting.”

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Celebrating 25 years of Children’s Rights

20th November 2014 marked the celebration of Universal Children’s Day and the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The Media Angel teamed up with The Children’s Commissioner for Wales and his team to help raise the profile of this wonderful cause and this special day for children, particularly across Wales.

In 1989, governments all over the world adopted the UNCRC and its list of rights designed to ensure that every child and young person in the world lives a safe, happy and healthy life. Since the introduction of the UNCRC, children have enjoyed increased recognition and protection of their rights; 54 important Articles which include the right to be listened to and the right to a good standard of living. The Children’s Commissioner for Wales is responsible for ensuring these rights are promoted and correctly implemented across the country so that Welsh children live the best, the happiest and the safest lives!

The Media Angel and The Children’s Commissioner have been working hard to make sure awareness of this special occasion was widely raised in Wales through a strong online media, bilingual campaign, complemented by a commemorative and interactive event held in the centre of Cardiff.

The campaign was planned and delivered by The Media Angel to raise awareness, encourage wide participation and engagement from individuals, helping to build a ‘rights road’ both online and at the city centre event. Using #RightsRoad89 people could discuss the best things about being a child in Wales on Twitter, and at the Commissioner’s stand in St David’s children could help artist Huw Aaron draw a beautiful cartoon map of the rights road. The Media Angel ensured the campaign maintained a strong online presence over Universal Children’s Day, helping to drive large volumes of online traffic directly to The Commissioner’s website and helping to encourage more people to visit the stand and get involved with activities there.

The Media Angel’s director, Alison Debono says:

“We are delighted to be working with The Children’s Commissioner for Wales on The Rights Road Campaign helping to promote such a worthwhile cause. It has been so rewarding to see this campaign come to life and prove to be a real success for The Commissioner! Our team are so proud to have been involved in promoting such a fantastic cause – we have enjoyed every minute working with The Commissioner and his team. We are looking forward to working together on future campaigns in 2015”.

Sara Jermin, Communications Officer for the Commissioner stated:

“We are so grateful for all the work The Media Angel have done for us in marketing the Rights Road campaign to the people of Wales. The team managed to turn round a fantastic campaign in record time; we were extremely impressed with the excellent service they provided. We are very much looking forward to working with them on future campaigns!”

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