Which TV Ads the public chose as their favourite in 2016?

Which TV Ads did the public choose as their most favourite of 2016?

Answered by Adwatch, who has charted the year’s 20 best-recalled TV brands, the ten most memorable individual ads and the ten best-liked commercials.

  • The favourite advert of 2016 is McVitie’s “Kittens”.


  • The highest recalled advert of 2016 is “Epic squads” for Moneysupermarket.com.



  • The best overall recalled advertising for an entire year is for  DFS.


DFS’s high recollection is attributed in part to it’s Team GB sponsorship, and it’s focus on the DFS history, quality, British craftsmanship, 15-year guarantees and handmade-to-order sofas.



So it appears that animals, brand mascots and celebrities work best for recollection and popularity.


Best Recalled Brands

Rank Last year Brand Points* Mentions* TV adspend £m** Total adspend £m**
1 3 DFS 151 27 42.56 66.33
2 2 Aldi 112 20 41.97 68.88
3 1 Sky TV 104 16 90.40 188.67
4 6 Argos 84 17 32.05 38.96
5 11 Oak Furniture Land 81 10 22.34 22.70
6 13= Tesco 76 8 32.47 61.05
7 4 McDonald’s 70 13 47.52 77.36
8 5 Comparethemarket.com 66 7 26.23 30.79
9 18 Lidl 61 12 41.03 72.17
10 Amazon 57 8 42.72 64.07
11 Philadelphia 47 6 5.81 6.89
12 20= Walkers 46 5 20.56 20.85
13 Gocompare.com 45 5 17.81 21.05
14= 13= BT 37 8 57.71 132.02
14= 10 Morrisons 37 10 26.00 51.68
16 Cadbury 34 4 15.42 24.12
17= 8= Asda 32 7 33.58 67.18
17= B&Q 32 4 15.04 24.30
17= Müller 32 4 21.76 24.76
20= 8= Iceland 30 6 17.37 26.01
20= KFC 30 4 18.68 34.42


Best Liked Ads

Brand Likeability % Launch date
1 McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives – A group of students are entranced by kittens who appear from the packet of Chocolate Digestives (‘Kittens’ – 30-second ad) 46 February 2016
2 Specsavers – Basil Fawlty recreates his famous attack on his ‘fawlty’ car – mistaking a police car for his own (‘Car’ – 60) 43 January 2016
3 Samsung – Jack Whitehall interviews – Jack Whitehall interviews – and insults – Olympian rowers Helen Glover and Sir Steve Redgrave (‘School of Rio’ – 90) 41 August 2016
4 Cadbury Dairy Milk – Footage of a bear scratching his back on a tree conveys the joy of eating Cadbury chocolate (‘Tastes like this feels’ – 30) 38 April 2016
5 BT Infinity – Ryan Reynolds rushes around, commenting on the speed of BT broadband (‘Faster’ – 30) 37 April 2016
6= Moneysupermarket.com – City twerker Colin and Builder Dave compete in an epic dance-off (‘#Epicdanceoff’ – 30) 36 April 2016
6= Thomson – City twerker Colin and Builder Dave compete in an epic dance-off (‘#Epicdanceoff’ – 30) 36 January 2016
8 Center Parcs – A family of bears leave urban life and travel to Center Parcs for a holiday in an idyllic setting (‘Bears’ – 60) 35 December 2015
9= Halifax – Top Cat and his sidekick Benny ask Halifax for a loan to buy a new home (‘Top Cat’ – 60) 34 April 2016
9= National Trust – Various people act as volunteers to preserve the world’s natural beauty (‘Behind the scenes’ – 30) 34 September 2016


Best memorable Individual ads

Brand Score (% recall) Launch date
1 Moneysupermarket.com – Squads of strutters and builders launch an epic dance-off (‘Epic squads’ – 60-second ad) 64 September 2016
2= Comparethemarket.com – Aleksandr interrupts Nicole Kidman’s date with Sergei and forces him to choose between them (‘Nicole Kidman’ – 40) 63 December 2015
2= Halifax – Top Cat and Benny get a loan to purchase a new property (‘Top Cat’ – 60) 63 April 2016
4= Amazon Fire – Jeremy Clarkson donates the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick to continental Europe via drones (‘The delivery’ – 30) 61 September 2016
4= Tesco – Ruth Jones and Ben Miller try to keep their seasonal party secret from their wannabe DJ son (‘Party’ – 40) 61 November 2015
6 Aldi – John Lewis Christmas spoof uses an old man on the moon to compare prices of telescopes (‘Telescope’ – 20) 57 November 2015
7 Zoopla – A couple viewing a property act in an overly dramatic way to promote Zoopla (‘House whisperer’ – 10) 56 January 2016
8= Confused.com – Confused.com offers customers the free gift of a robot toy, available in various characters (‘The Herberts’ – 10) 55 January 2016
8= Gocompare.com – A taxi driver outlines the ideal mortgage-comparison website, as passenger Gio sings his usual aria (‘Cabbie’ – 60) 55 February 2016
8= Walkers – Gary Lineker wins a holiday through a promotional pack of Walkers Crinkles (‘#SpellandGo’ – 30) 55 April 2016


Would you like to make a TV advert that people will remember? Contact our award-winning team on 02921 320 300 or via email: [email protected] to find out how your brand can be seen on a local, regional, national basis.

Marketers report increased adspend despite falling confidence amid Brexit

According to the IPA’s Bellwether Report, UK marketers have “held their nerve” in the face of an uncertain business climate following the UK’s Brexit vote.


Finalists in CIM’s prestigious Wales Marketing Awards

We are delighted to have been shortlisted in four categories for the CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing Wales/Cymru Marketing Awards 2016 for…

Best Integrated Campaign
The Media Angel (UK) Ltd. In partnership with The National Botanic Garden of Wales – Summer Campaign

Best Advertising Campaign
The Media Angel (UK) Ltd In partnership with The National Botanic Garden of Wales – Summer Campaign

Best use of PR
ACT Training In partnership with The Media Angel – #BEYanapprentice

Best Use of Creative
ACT Training In partnership with The Media Angel – #BEYanapprentice

CIM’s prestigious Wales Marketing Awards (previously known as Canmol) rewards excellence and celebrates achievements of marketing professionals in Wales giving individuals, teams and organisations the recognition they deserve. These awards are a fantastic acknowledgement of the creativity and originality delivered by marketers who are at the forefront of their profession and recognises the success of all those involved.

This year 36 entries have been shortlisted for 12 Awards across all sectors including Welsh brands such as Dwr Cymru- Welsh Water, Public Health Wales, Cadw and Braces Bread as well as two of our clients, National Botanic Garden of Wales and ACT Training LTD.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 15.33.50

The National Botanic Garden of Wales, based in Carmarthenshire needed to increase their visitor numbers after a number of years of flat-lining figures. In order to achieve this goal their objectives were to concentrate on increasing family visitors: following the creation of new family offerings, which culminated in the opening of The Butterfly House, Plas Pilipala, we composed a campaign to publicise this new offering to family with children across South and West Wales.  A creative multi-faceted campaign which encompassed video, online quizzes and message reiteration across outdoor advertising and radio, created a social buzz and an overall increase of family footfall up a massive 68% over the summer holidays.

David Hardy – Head of Marketing and Communications for National Botanic Garden Wales said “We are delighted to be shortlisted for two awards for our Butterfly House campaign with The Media Angel who did a fantastic job…we are still reaping the benefits of their excellent work today”


ACT Training, Wales’ leading training provider’s objective was to hit their traineeship recruitment target. ACT and The Media Angel devised the #BEYanapprentice campaign to help achieve this goal. Jayne McGill-Harris, senior marketing and PR Manager of ACT Training Ltd says

“One of the main marketing challenges we face each year is how we can compete with huge FE and HE organisations that have much larger marketing budgets and a larger voice in the market compared to ourselves. In order to inject some originality and imagination into our marketing communications activity, we hired The Media Angel as an extension of the team.

Between us, an integrated campaign that included an experiential marketing stunt, as well as online advertising and a promotion, was planned to achieve a competitive advantage and provide a memorable brand experience for prospective learners.”

A Beyonce lookalike was hired and a buzz created around Cardiff on the day of Beyonce’s concert in June.  “Beyonce” engaged with concert goers encouraging them to enter a competition and post pictures on social media ensuring high levels of exposure and data capture from their target audience. This highly successful campaign attracted 63% increase in new traffic to their website and ultimately achieved 830 enquiries- an increase of 40%.

Our Managing Director Alison Debono says

“We are beyond thrilled to be shortlisted again this year for 4 awards at CIM’s Wales Marketing Awards. We are the only media planning and buying agency in Wales to achieve this accolade. The two very different campaigns that we have been shortlisted for highlight that great results and a good return on investment are achievable with limited budgets, creative imaginations and by selecting the most appropriate media mix to deliver the campaign objectives.”

Alison further says “Both campaigns for ACT Training Ltd and National Botanic Garden of Wales are fitting case studies that underpin the essence of our work and how we can help clients develop an innovative approach to marketing to help them STAND OUT and get results”

If you need award-winning advice to ensure your marketing plans are crafted to perfection and deliver results contact us on 02921 320 300 or via email: [email protected]

Digital Radio continues to grow year on year


In an average week, digital listening accounts for 473 million hours; DAB has a 71% share of digital listening hours, DTV 11% and Online 18%

48.7 million adults or 90% of the adult (15+) UK population tuned in to their selected radio stations each week in the second quarter of 2016. This is up by approximately half a million adults on the same Quarter of the previous Year (Q2, 2015).


27% of adults – claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month. Up 6% year on year.

The share of all radio listening via a digital platform now stands at 45.3%. The digital share is comprised of DAB share 32.2%, DTV 5.1% and listening Online or App 8.0%. 39% of 15-24 year olds – claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month – Up 6% year on year.

With digital radio stations offering more choice of listening, the potential for businesses to advertise products to a more targeted audience is enormous. If you are interested in Radio advertising, call one of our team today on 02921 320200 or email [email protected]

Beyonce Takes Cardiff By Storm

 City Centre shoppers and concert goers alike were stunned to come across international pop sensation Beyonce walking around alongside them.

The ‘Crazy In Love’ singer was seen popping into Cardiff’s Park Plaza Hotel on Wednesday night and spotted having a drink with rugby pundit Jonathan Davies.  She was also caught last minute shopping in St David’s 2 shopping centre prior to her Formation tour performance at The Principality Stadium on Thursday 30th June.

OK!, we confess, it wasn’t the real Beyonce. It was an awareness campaign for our client ACT Training Limited. We hired a high-profile look-a-like Beyonce to tie in with Queen B’s concert, with the objective to raise awareness amongst young people about the apprenticeship schemes ACT has to offer.

Watch the promotional video below.

Gemma Shaw, our hired Queen B spent two days in Cardiff, travelling around in an ACT branded taxi and interacting with fans in the City Centre, followed by “Paparazzi” and accompanied by her entourage, drawing large crowds and taking selfies with fans.

Hired entourage and promo staff were briefed to engage with the general public, ideally targeting 16 – 24 year olds. As they eagerly waited to have a snap with the look alike pop queen, they were informed of ACT’s key messages.

Traineeships, Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeships – all offer an opportunity to earn and learn, working towards nationally recognised qualifications, whilst earning a wage, gaining skills and building a rewarding career. ACT works with over 700 employers across Wales who are waiting for young, ambitious candidates.

The first orchestrated sighting of “Beyonce” was on Wednesday evening at the Park Plaza Hotel the night before the concert, accompanied by ACT brand ambassador Jonathan Davies. We thought this scene of an unlikely couple would be perfect to create talkability across social media and ignite the buzz of Queen B’s arrival to the Welsh Capital.

  • Reaching 2,000 views on a video in 24 hours was perfect thanks to a post from I loves the diff.
  • #BEYanapprentice was trending on Twitter across Cardiff due to a high volume of tweets, retweets, and social interaction.

Thursday 30th the day of the concert, we arranged for the lookalike to visit ACT apprentices in their workplaces, The Early Bird Cafe, and The Vanilla Rooms in Cardiff where the look alike Beyonce used their services to promote the schemes. The entire process was documented and leaked across social media channels to achieve interaction across our client’s social media channels.

The stunt was reported on WalesOnline – monthly audience of 2 million unique visitors. The stunt reached the site’s most read section of the website and achieved almost 1000 shares.


Jayne McGill Harris, ACT Training’s marketing and PR manager said:  “The Beyoncé lookalike, was spotted all over Cardiff and we’ve had a great reaction on social media. We are hoping that the extra attention our channels are receiving will help to raise awareness of the options available for young people to live, learn and earn with apprenticeships.”

Our Managing Director of The Media Angel, Alison Debono, added: “This was a great way to engage with youngsters on an interactive and unique level, ensuring that ACT’s campaign message Live Learn and Earn was seen by as many potential apprentices as possible.”

In 48 hours the campaign  –

  • achieved a massive 496.2% increase in Facebook engagement
  • reached 142,139 Twitter accounts
  • gained 170 ,936 Twitter impressions
  • had a 125.0% Increase in received Twitter messages
  • saw 2,093 Twitter link clicks

If you want help to STAND OUT with your Marketing then contact The Media Angel  on 02921 320200 or [email protected] for award–winning advice on your next advertising campaign.



RAJAR Q4 what you need to know

The first week in February saw the release of the latest radio listening figures for quarter 4.

We have put together a brief summary of the most important points to take away from RAJAR from the last quarter:

There were listeners lost across the board in South Wales

Although Heart South Wales and Capital South Wales unfortunately lost the most number of listeners this quarter they still remain at the top in terms of weekly reach, still managing to reach 522,000 and 161,000 listeners each week respectively.

Despite what you might think, this is definitely positive news….

Especially for advertisers! The good news is that losses in listeners mean losses in premiums. We will still be able to reach huge numbers of the population each week on these stations, but now for an even more affordable cost. At least for the next quarter, advertisers will be able to maximise their budgets on these stations and enjoy a huge frequency of message which will aid generating response.

Local listening proved its worth.

Local radio stations such as The Wave, Radio Pembrokeshire, Radio Carmarthenshire and Bridge FM remained at the top in terms of percentage listening share last quarter.

Radio Pembrokeshire and The Wave had the highest percentage weekly reach of all stations in South Wales (36% and 32% respectively). Bridge FM (28%), Radio Carmarthenshire (25%) and Radio Ceredigion (21%) weren’t far behind.

Radio Pembrokeshire also recorded the highest number of hours listened; 10.6 hours on average per listener.

The Wave gained 1,000 new listeners this quarter and was the only radio station in South Wales to have increased its weekly reach.

Radio in North Wales increased in popularity and reach

Capital North West and Wales attracted an extra 19,000 listeners last quarter and Heart North Wales was close behind gaining an additional 10,000 listeners per week. Smooth Radio North West and Wales was also up by 8,000 weekly listeners.

By analysing these radio listening figures, we are able to see the most up to date trends in the market and consult on the most appropriate station for you to utilise in order to reach your target audience and achieve your campaign objectives.

Why should I advertise on radio?

If you need help in choosing the right radio stations as part of your media mix, we are here to help. Just get in touch with experts from south Wales’s award winning Media Planning and Buying Agency at [email protected].

The Media Angel win a prestigious Marketing Award!

This year’s CIM Canmol: Wales Marketing Awards was a particularly exciting one for us at The Media Angel. Not only were we delighted when we received the news in October that our work with amazing client Ty Hafan had been nominated for an excellence award in the Life Sciences category, we are also incredibly proud and absolutely delighted to announce that we were successful in winning this award! Ours was the only media planning and buying agency successful in winning at this year’s ceremony.

Our work with Ty Hafan on the Legacy campaign was described as “simply brilliant” by the judging panel, who were extremely impressed by the results generated. The campaign created returns of over 300% for the charity, achieving over £360,000 in pledges on a small budget of just £12,000.

Our team worked so hard to implement a hugely successful yet cost effective campaign using a mix of new and traditional media platforms including video on demand for the first time, print and direct mail. Campaigns were put forward based on their creation and delivery of innovative and effective marketing campaigns delivering outstanding results.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to have won a Canmol 2015 award for our work with our wonderful client  Ty Hafan. I am so proud of this project, helping such a great organisation and important cause receive returns of over 300%. We are delighted to have been rewarded recognition for our work; winning an excellence in marketing award across Wales is absolutely amazing. It’s wonderful to win an award for doing what we love” (Alison Debono, Managing Director at The Media Angel)

As well as being award winners at this year’s event, we were also sponsors of the drinks reception where we welcomed guests at the Ricoh Suite, Cardiff City Stadium with a complementary drink adorned with some of our branded ‘The Media Angel’ glass charms.

We are so proud to have been up alongside some of Wales’ leading brands and would love to extend our congratulations to all the nominees and winners including client Swansea University, DS Smith, JamJar PR and Arriva Trains Wales among other great organisations. Each continues to set the standard for excellence in marketing in Wales.

This year’s winners:

New Marketer of the Year – Sophia Al Janabi (DS Smith)
Life Sciences – The Media Angel – with Ty Hafan
Education & Training – Swansea University
Tourism, hotels, leisure, place & destination marketing, travel and transport – Arriva Trains Wales
Technology and Energy – DS Smith
Social Economy – The Wallich
Food drink, retail & FMCG – Marketing Clarity with IEAT
Arts, Heritage & Creative Industries – Equinox with CADW
Professional Services – JamJar PR with Pedalcover
Outstanding Contribution – Richard Houdmont

A solid advertising campaign will create massive brand value growth…

A recent study conducted by Millward Brown has quantified the theory that good advertising makes a positive difference to brand perception, particularly if brands have strong propositions behind them.

The study concluded that brands with strong advertising campaigns increased in value by a massive 168% over a period of 10 years, which clearly demonstrates the enormous positive impact advertising has on brand perception. Advertising is one of the main ways in which brands can communicate their propositions and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. This differentiation is something the Millward Brown study has found to be extremely important for brand value.

It was suggested that brands with solid advertising campaigns and strategies are more successful at demonstrating a clear ‘purpose’ and proposition. When brands communicate effectively this way, the message is received more meaningfully by consumers and ensures that they better understand a brand’s offering as different within its market. Advertising is proven to be the easiest, most lucrative way of building a meaningful brand; extending your appeal beyond products and services and creating massive brand value.

Would you like to increase the positive sentiment around your brand? Do you want to stand out and get noticed within your field? The team at The Media Angel can help place your  advertising on the most appropriate media  platforms, to reach your campaign objectives, within budget. Give one of our experts a call on 02921 320 200 or email us.

And 2014’s Top TV Christmas Ad is…

Here’s the top 10 Christmas ads for 2014, polled by phone number provider, City Numbers.

More than 1,000 consumers were asked asked about the effect of Christmas branding. 37% surveyed said it made people feel good. Take a good look at the top adverts raising spirits this season…

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