Improve the way you use LinkedIn for business

The latest blog from Cardiff marketing agency, The Media Angels. In the first post of our new blog series, how can you improve the way you use LinkedIn for business?

1. Post blog articles, written by you or relevant to your industry

This is a great way to involve your other social media channels. You could link to your recent blog articles, try captioning with an open question and tag relevant pages. If you don’t have a blog, you can link to other news articles relevant to your business. LinkedIn isn’t as advanced as other social media in that you can’t ‘like’ or ‘share’ another page’s posts. But by creating your own content, it helps keep your followers involved.

2. Keep your information up to date; website address, phone number, email etc

As LinkedIn is quite a limited platform for a business. It’s important to make sure that the information which is on there, is correct! If you change address, phone number or contact email make sure to keep it updated on your LinkedIn page too. We use our “About Us” section to tell people who we are and what we do. It’s a chance to get your brand’s personality across. You could also use this section to detail services your business provides.

3. Create a cover photo to add colour and more information

Like other social media sites, on LinkedIn you can create a cover photo for your page. It’s quite narrow, so make sure all your information is shown! This is a good way to add some personality to your business page.

4. Analytics, analytics, analytics!

Most platforms these days have some form of analytics and LinkedIn is no different. Through the “Analytics” panel on your business page. Here you can see how many visitors your page has had, what their jobs are etc. You can also see what updates get the best CTRs and engagement and where your followers are located. This is helpful to see what types of posts get your page the best response.

5. Use paid advertising to target potential customers

LinkedIn’s paid advertising has the ability to be really targeted. You can target people by job title, location, age, business, sector etc. The ad builder shows you how many impressions you are likely to get, and then you can set a daily budget and a maximum budget. You can also choose from a few different advert types, each one helps target a different response.

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