Consumers look forward to seeing Christmas adverts this year following the pandemic.

After a very different Christmas in 2020 due to the pandemic, it appears we are ready for the return of festive cheer in advertising.

A third (36%) of people want to see a festive tone in ads this year, followed by a quarter of people (24%) who would like ads to be upbeat or optimistic. A fifth (21%) want ads to be funny, while 17% want Christmas ads in 2021 to be nostalgic. Just 5% of people feel they should be focused on Covid. (Source IPA, Opinium)

Unsurprisingly 52% of UK adults plan to make the most of Christmas this year with 51% hoping to eat out, go shopping and visit attractions this Christmas, rising to 72% among 18- to 24-year-olds. Just under half (45%) of UK adults also plan to see more of friends and family than they normally would.

Meanwhile, the study also shows online grocery delivery services are likely to be more popular among men (26%) than women (15%), with Londoners (35%) and those aged 18 to 34 (39%) most likely to use this kind of service.

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What will come of Christmas Advertising 2020

Will advertisers deliver a much needed dose of happiness and joy, or will Covid-19 be adding more doom and gloom? Not to sound like the Grinch but Covid-19 has ruined 2020 and Christmas this year is not going to be the same.

As always, this time of year is when brands begin to roll out their Christmas ad extravaganzas. Not only are they vital for business, but research last year found advertising plays a key role in getting people in the festive mood, and in these times, rarely has there been a greater need to lift the public’s spirit. Consumers are crying out for advertisers to provide some festive cheer!

But for marketers and designers having to devise relatable Christmas ads while being uncertain as to what Christmas will even look like this year, the challenge is huge..

Each year, big brands like John Lewis and Amazon can be relied upon to dig deep into their budgets and bring out the big bucks to spend on their blockbusters, as they battle to win the Christmas ad showdown. 

The campaigns released so far have been a mixed bag of attempting to distract customers from the pandemic, and directly addressing the elephant in the room. Amazon has been widely commended for sensitively approaching the topic in a way that doesn’t feel downbeat. Argos on the other hand decided to swerve the topic altogether and is all about possibilities and dreams. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of children. The hotly anticipated John Lewis advert has also now arrived and is part of a campaign called ‘give a little love’ which aims to raise 5 Million pounds to help 100,000 families in need. They always create a tear jerker!   

There is the issue of family gatherings; how would advertisers be able to recreate these group scenes without knowing if people would be able to get together? Which is why Argos went down the route of ‘magic’, which it used as a way to talk about dreams coming true, depicting young magicians seeing their extended family in a dreamlike theatre setting.

This Christmas looks to be one for the history books. There’s no doubt that brands will be less generous with their ad spend, but that doesn’t mean consumers should expect no gifts. We hope you all receive that magic and sparkle that everyone deserves during the festive period.
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The cutest Christmas advert this year only cost £100 to make!

We love this video! Tom Jones, a Welsh shop owner and his two year old son Arthur starred in this heart-warming advert to try and encourage people to shop local.

Hafod Hardware in Rhayader, Powys, has been making festive adverts for several years. This year’s ad sees Arthur setting up the shop along with members of his family.

The family have been overwhelmed by the response and feed back to the advert.

The video has received over 2.4 million views in the first 10 days! Proving you don’t need a big budget to get noticed. It also has a great message to shop local. #BeAKidThisChristmas

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The Media Angel’s favourite Christmas adverts

The Christmas advert has evolved from simple beginnings to the million-pound short films released around the festive period. We’ve gone through the archives to find our favourite festive adverts. 

1. John Lewis (2011)

We’re kicking off this list John Lewis’ advert from 2011. It follows a little boy as he waits for Christmas Day to arrive, only for him to rush past his stocking to his present for his parents. It’s heart-warming and sweet, a classic. 

2. Sainbury’s: Christmas is for sharing (2014)

This advert used the famous tale of a Christmas Eve truce on the Western Front to mark the centenary of Word War One. Some said the advert was in poor taste, but we think it showcases the values behind Christmas. 

3. Marks & Spencers: Christmas, with love from Mrs Claus (2016)

This modern twist on Mrs Claus has everything; helicopters, jet-skis, reindeer’s and a lovely storyline featuring a little boy and his tall (and angry) big sister! 

4. Heathrow Airport: Coming Home for Christmas (2016)

Who knew stuffed animals could make you cry? This sweet advert from Heathrow Airport follows two teddy bears as they arrive home. 

5. John Lewis: The Bear and The Hare (2013)

John Lewis must be the true masters of the Christmas advert. With hand-drawn animation and a beautiful soundtrack this is an iconic advert. 

Special Mention (because we can’t get enough of John Lewis)

The countdown has begun!

It’s that time of year when the Christmas advert competition begins to heat up, and here are some of the contestants so far.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

2018’s Aldi Christmas advert sees the return of Kevin the Carrot, but this year he’s driving a truck that looks a lot like the iconic Coca-Cola lorry. The advert ends on a cliffhanger (literally), and it looks we’ll have to wait for a second advert will reveal Kevin’s fate. While we think Kevin is a sweet character, the use of the Coca-Cola truck seems as odd choice.
Argos – Christmas Fool

Another brand employing a character for their festive advert is Argos. Their gremlin-like creature causes chaos around the house, until the Argos delivery man shows up and splats him. We can all relate to the carnage the character causes, and Argos’ same-day delivery is definitely appealing!

Amazon – Can you Feel It?

This ad features singing boxes, similar to a style they used earlier in the year. We think the singing boxes don’t feel very festive to us, perhaps because the song isn’t a Christmas classic? What do you think?

Tesco – However you do Christmas

Another brand sticking to a similar style is Tesco with their “Food Love Stories” campaign. It features families saying what Christmas means to them; chocolate, sprouts, staying in, going out etc… Similar to the Amazon advert, we think Tesco could have done more than using a tried and tested style. 

Debenhams – Do a bit of Debenhams

There’s no better feeling than when you’ve really nailed your gift choice! The Debenhams advert taps into this gift-smugness, we really like the results! 

Asda – Bring Christmas Home

Out of the six adverts, we think Asda’s is the most festive! Father Christmas, skiing, trees, food and a festive song – it’s got it all!

The world is still waiting for the arguable ‘King’ of Christmas adverts, John Lewis to release their 2018 offering. Rumours say the release date could be Friday 9th November. We’re waiting! 

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