Adshel Live becomes UK’s largest DOOH network

Clear Channel UK’s Adshel Live becomes the largest digital out-of-home network in the UK. 

Over 1,500 digital roadside 6-sheet screens. Located in busy retail and leisure hotspots in major towns and cities including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Liverpool.

This premium network is primed to influence consumer spend and deliver Activation campaigns at scale. Fitted with the latest digital and mobile technology. Adshel Live provides endless flexible planning and creative opportunities for brands to find the audience moments that matter.

  • 72” HD, sun light visible screens
  • Flexibility to run day and day-part specific activity
  • Technology enables multiple copy updates and location, time and data-driven dynamic content
  • Features mobile connectivity including Beacon technology

How can Adshel work for you?

InLinks hit 400 screens

Primesight’s InLinks hit 400 screens across five UK cities and eight London boroughs.

InLinks are a hybrid of functionality and advertising. They connect the public to the web, provide free phone calls and offers councils a way to communicate directly to their constituents. 

They provide a range of free public services, not least the fastest public WiFi in the UK. They also have a touch-screen tablet with a range of features including content and apps. Also, free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, and rapid charging through USB ports. Advertising is displayed on two HD 55 inch screens that fund all the services.

They have this week grown to 400 screens across Leeds, Gateshead, Glasgow, Southampton and London.

In just over a year InLinks have grown from their beginnings on Camden High Street to a further seven London boroughs. Including; Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth.

77% of consumers agreeing that InLink has a positive impact on their community. 64% agreeing they make their cities more innovative.

Our latest research also suggests that 75% feel more positively about brands that sponsor services such as Wi-Fi, location and travel information.


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Digital has helped UK ad spend bounce back from two-year low

Investment in digital has helped wider UK ad spend rebound from a two-year low.

According to the latest Bellwether report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), 23% of marketers said they had higher spending plans for overall marketing activity in the second quarter of the year. Elsewhere, 17% said they had lowered budgets, which results in a net balance of +6.5%.

The figure was an increase in the 5% net score reported in Q1 of 2018, which had been the lowest since Q1 2016, however despite some signs of a bounce back it’s still the second lowest reading to have come back in the past two years.

The IPA’s quarterly report, which features original data drawn from a panel of around 300 UK marketing professionals from the UK’s top 1000, firms has also upwardly revised its UK ad spend forecast for 2018 – increasing it to around 1.1% from its prediction of 0.8% last quarter.

UK marketers were found to have revised their internet budgets up to their joint strongest levels in over a decade. A net balance of 22.7% of marketers reported upward revisions to their digital budgets. The level is not only up from Q1’s reading of 8.7%, but is also the highest it’s been since Q3 2007.

Main media advertising – which includes TV, radio and cinema – also showed more bullish growth than last quarter. While still not as high as digital the net balance was positive overall with 4.9% of marketers saying they were upping spend in these mediums.

Source: The Drum

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Global ad growth driven by digital formats

According to the latest adspend forecasts from Zenith, a host of digital formats including social media, in-feed ads, paid content, online video and native advertising are helping to fuel the growth in global advertising.

Between 2016 and 2019 Zenith said the ‘innovative’ digital ad formats will drive 14% annual growth in total display advertising, a category that still also includes traditional banner ads.

Total display expenditure will rise from US$84bn to US$126bn over this period, accounting for 64% of all the growth in global ad expenditure. By 2019 total display will account for 50.4% of internet advertising expenditure, exceeding 50% for the first time.

For the UK, Zenith forecasts total display to grow by 5% a year to 2019, when it will account for 37% of internet advertising expenditure.

Zenith said most of the growth is coming from social media (which will grow at 20% a year) and online video (which will grow at 21% a year).

“Internet display is coming into its own as a brand-building media, powered by social media and online video,” said Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting and director of global intelligence at Zenith.

“But the distinctions between online video and traditional television are being eroded, and the two work together much better than they do separately.”

Zenith forecasts that global advertising expenditure will grow 4% to US$558bn by the end of 2017. This is down fractionally from the forecast of 4.2% that it made in June.

The UK was the stand-out growth market in Western Europe from 2011 to 2016, growing at an average of 7.3% a year. However, a slowing economy, gathering inflation, and political uncertainty over the mid-year elections and Brexit negotiations have all contributed to a sharp slowdown in UK adspend this year.

Zenith now forecasts just 0.7% growth in UK adspend in 2017, down from the 0.9% growth it forecast in June.

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Marketing strategies to consider for 2017

Personalized & segmented content

Looking at your existing clients and potential clients as one and lumping them together in one advertising strategy will soon to be ill advised… brands are beginning to realise that breaking their audience down into segments and targeting as such will reap better rewards by delivering content that will resonate better. Research and use of data will aid this segmentation and ultimately find the content that each audience will find most engaging.
Targeted messaging can be achieved through different email lists, in-app messaging, different content for different social networks i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn.
Traditional advertising mediums can utilize different messages aimed to separate audiences, changing the copy and content to engage the correct audience.

Increasing multimedia content

Content has become increasingly visual over the years. The power of video has been evident on Facebook in the last two years, with 500 million people now watching a Facebook video every day.

Pokemon Go showed us the possibilities with augmented reality. Several virtual reality sets have gone on sale this year. Facebook has rolled out 360-degree photo publishing and more recently Facebook Live.  Brands will be early adopters and experiment with these new forms of getting their message heard.

The rise of paid promotion and the decline of organic reach

The change over from Facebook and Instagram publishing chronologically to algorithm based feeds means that they control more of what you see…this has led to brands being seen less organically from 15% to 2 %,  and forcing them to start investing. Ultimately 2017 is likely to see social media advertising options increase and the advertising spend with it.

Mobile first, second and third

Mobile traffic now outstrips desktop.

Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages, a light version of a web page that will load ultra-fast on mobile.

Brands will need to continue to put mobile first and think about the handheld experience when creating content and advertising.

The changing face of influencers

Brands are starting to realize that their budgets might be better spent recruiting 20 micro-influencers who have a genuine relevance to the brand, rather than using one mega-influencer. These individuals allow brands to get in front of a relevant audience that is likely to be more engaged. As a bonus, the influence comes across as more authentic.

Influencer marketing will continue to mature, as the struggles with reaching people organically, and the rise of adblockers means brands will need to use influencers as part of their distribution strategy.

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UK Adspend looking positive despite Brexit gloom

Adspend in the UK is forecast to grow for the eighth successive year in 2017, with predicted growth up from 5.8% to 7.2%, according to the latest figures from the WPP media agency group.

Upgraded growth forecasted for Group M this year – up from 6.3% to 7.2% for 2016.

Traditional media advertising spend is predicted to fall from -1.1% to -2.6% for 2016 and from +0.5% to -1.4% in 2017

TV ad spend is expected to be down 0.1% this year and up 1.0% in 2017.

A growth in cinema advertising is expected by 1% in 2016 and by 3.4% in 2017 following a huge increase of 21.5% in 2015.

Pure-play digital ad market share has risen to 52% this year and is predicted to grow up to 55% next year.

A 15% rise in digital display demand is likely for next year, with paid search accelerating and remaining the largest driver of growth.

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