More than half of adspend goes digital in 2015!

In 2015 it is predicted that the UK will be ranked the first country in the world to spend more than half of budgets on digital media.

Research conducted by market services company WPP has forecast that for the first time every for every £2 advertising spend; the UK will be spending £1 on digital media! The total ad spend figures for 2015 will hit £15.7bn with online spend growing rapidly to hit the £8bn mark!

It is reported that display advertising is the fastest growing market in internet advertising, which is likely to surge by 20% to reach £2.7bn. Display advertising has performed consistently well in ad spend stakes since 2013 with advertiser demand for this format rising steadily. Paid search advertising is likely to grow to £4.2bn with around 29% of that advertising on mobile devices.

The future is looking extremely bright for digital advertising and with observations that the British have a particularly keen enthusiasm for the digital world; there could be fewer rivalling ways to reach audiences in 2015.

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