Advancements with the innovative Sky AdSmart

Blog Updated: May 11th 2020

Last month, we went along to Cardiff Bay for a conference on the new innovative features provided by Sky AdSmart.

We were excited to learn about the further enhanced opportunities and possibilities for our clients created by these new features.

How can you target an audience?

Sky Adsmart now has over 900 individual target segments you can choose from. Campaigns featuring Sky Adsmart can target households by:

  • Location; postcode, local government, BARB area.
  • Socio-demographics; ABC1, Experian Mosaics
  • Financial characteristics
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Technology usage
  • Lifestyle

With the new features of Sky AdSmart the possibilities are endless, particularly with their MasterCard Advertising Insights, Dunnhumby partnering and TECI Targeting. So what will these new features mean for our clients and fellow advertisers?

MasterCard and Tesco insights

MasterCard Advertising Insights that are now available when purchasing Sky AdSmart enables you to deliver addressable TV based on location & aggregate purchase data. This is done via insight drawn from actual transactions. The feature also analyses timely relevant data based on current spending patterns. Targeting segments are informed by activity from more than 24 million payment cards and around 1.5B UK transactions.

The MasterCard Attributes are broken down into six primary segments which all can be broken down further into sub-segments, from flights and travel to sports and entertainment.

Sky’s partnering with Dunnhumby enables Sky AdSmart campaigns to run on Tesco ClubCard segments also –

  • 18m Tesco ClubCard Households
  • 7m Sky AdSmart Households
  • 5m Matched Dataset
  • Reach and Evaluate Households based on their previous and future purchase behaviour

Finally, Sky has also developed the future of segmenting Sky households into groups based on their adoption of new technology. This is called TECI Targeting (Technology Engagement, Customer Index)

  • TECI is based on actual purchase and usage behaviour, which is only available to Sky UK.
  • Allows advertisers to target groups most likely to adopt a new technology, product, or service.

Sky AdSmart and the new features are a fantastic platform to heighten the targeting of a specific audience with minimal wastage.

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