Making the most out of outdoor digital advertising

Digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) is much more than just a screen which enables movement, but what are some ways your campaign can utilise dynamic technologies?

Recently, Pirinase used weather data to help their campaign promoting their hay fever relief spray. The campaign is activated when the MET Office pollen count reaches ‘high’ or ‘very high.’ This ensures the campaign reaches hay fever sufferers at times when they need relief.

Another example of using weather data is B&Q’s long-running campaign. Their creative pushes summer products when the weather is good, ensuring relevance to the weather.

Outdoor advertising can also be geo-fenced, allowing passers-by to be targeted. Econsultancy reported that “O2 partnered with Dax and Mobsta to log device IDs (via Bluetooth) when people pass an out-of-home (OOH) site. These IDs were then used to see if a particular user subsequently visited an O2 store, where their device ID would be tracked.”

O2’s campaign for the Samsung S8 handset also used geofencing to target ads on digital radio, Soundcloud and Deezers at people within 500m of the OOH site.

Digital advertising can also utilise travel data, such as flights times, drive times or sports data. We particularly like how Guinness used it during the Six Nation’s.

The creative alerted people to an upcoming match and its kick-off time, as well as the distance to the local pub.

Participating pubs then used sensors to capture footfall data and, if they got too full, would trigger a change in creative to direct fans to alternative venues.

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