TV advertising reach remains high

According to the latest figures collated by Thinkbox and the BARB, television advertising remains one of the most sure fire ways to get your message in front of large audiences.

Figures for this May found that around 68% of TV viewing was commercial, with this accounting for 67% of all TV viewing on a television set. People are also watching commercial television for slightly longer compared with last year, demonstrating that the medium remains a strong and perpetual part of popular culture.

The weekly reach of television continues to be extremely high at 94% with this latest update in figures. The report also found women to be the target audience most connected with television advertising messages, with commercial channels reaching on average 95% of women each week.

There has never been a better time to advertise on television and reach these impressive audience figures. Get in touch with The Media Angel for more information about how to take advantage of the power of television advertising. Advertising on television doesn’t always require huge investment and can be far more cost effective than you might think.

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