5 ways to improve how you use Twitter for business

The latest blog from Cardiff media buying agency, The Media Angels. The final blog in our series, how can you improve the way you use Twitter for business?

1. What do you want to get out of Twitter? Is it for more light-hearted posts, industry news…

What do you want your Twitter presence to ‘feel’ like? Is your Twitter page a chance for your business to be a bit more informal and playful or is it for sharing blogs and industry news? By deciding what you want to get out of Twitter you can start to get an idea of the type of content you need to be creating and sharing.

2. Follow industry leaders, clients – re-tweet their news.

We use Twitter to follow influential people in our industry but also to interact with our clients. We can stay updated on their news and share it, we also like posting images of our recent work and tagging the client in the image. Use Twitter as another way to create a conversation with your client!

3. Showcase your own news – post your new blog etc.

We also use Twitter to link to our recent blogs, otherwise nobody would know we’ve uploaded one! By using hashtags we can be seen on relevant Twitter feeds too. We find our own news does really well on Twitter, especially if we’re tagging clients in the post too.

4. Use analytics – what do your followers like, what events are coming up, recurring hashtags

It’s analytics again! Twitter’s analytics are helpful as youcan see what other topics your followers are interested in. You could tailor your posts to include these topics and see if engagement increases. You also get monthly reviews of your page, showing you new followers, best performingposts etc.

5. Use Twitter’s features

On Twitter you have the option to add and image or GIF to your post. This is another way to add your personality to your post as GIFs can be quite funny! The added movement is really engaging too. On Twitter you can also create polls, similar to Facebook, and we find these good to use on quick or light-hearted topics to create a conversation with our followers.

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