IAB report finds 1 in 7 UK adults use ad blockers online

According to the latest report released by the IAB, 15% of British adults are currently using ad blocking software to improve their online surfing experiences.

The report reveals a general, negative attitude towards disruptive, poorly targeted ads which interrupt the consumer’s online activities.

The research also claimed to have found that 22% of men are likely to use ad blocking software in comparison to only 9% of women, and that most of the software downloads have been made by 18-24 year olds (35%). Of those currently using ad-blocking software, 80% are doing so on laptops, 46% of desktop PC’s and 19% on tablets and mobiles.

The research discovered that main motivation for wanting block adverts online was because they were considered too disruptive when interrupting the browsing experience (73%). The second key justification for ad blocking was when the consumer found the design of the ad to be annoying (55%), closely followed by the sentiment that online ads ‘slow down’ the web browsing experience (54%). Another important finding suggested that relevancy was causing many people to download the software with 46% blocking ads because they are not relevant.

At The Media Angel, our advice to brands advertising online would be to avoid being too disruptive for web browsers, perhaps choosing colour schemes and images more carefully with this sentiment in mind. Advertisers and marketers should perhaps strive for a more seamless and less ‘annoying’ format that doesn’t ‘disrupt’ the browser in such a negative way. Our team would also agree with the idea that the industry refines its technology for targeting; making sure that adverts appear in front of an audience that is guaranteed to find relevance in the content. Search ads are an example of an ad format that is less likely to get blocked – because, findings say, these are considered useful and somewhat helpful by the browser.

Another interesting insight into public perception of online advertising found that only 44% of British adults are aware that website content is free because they are funded by advertising. If ad blocking reduces website revenue enough, it could lead to internet browsing that requires payment for access; it would be interesting to see how these adults would react to being charged for what was once free internet content!

If you would like advice on the most effective methods of online advertising get in touch with The Media Angel on 02921 320 200 or email [email protected]. Our team offer impartial guidance, using our specialist expertise on the most effective ways to advertise online.

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