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As an advertising agency we recognise how imperative reportable measurement of our clients campaigns are. Whilst this can be highly measured in detail in some media it is less available in others so we are interested to see (according to The Drum 2022) that the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (Isba) have been addressing a project for cross-media measurement. This encompasses TV and digital, helping marketers to understand performance as video appears across multiple platforms including social, and linear TV.

As brands and agencies have struggled with the lack of a common measurement approach (made more complex with multi screen usage), Isba’s “origin” will help present an accurate estimate of campaign reach across multiple platforms. This model proposes to understand how many times consumers may view adverts across different devices using a Virtual ID Model.

This model was tested by implementing panel-based TV data into the system, then applying the model across TV and digital, consolidating “apples and oranges” for a clearer view of campaign performance.

Isba said: “Performance in both tests exceeded our expectations.”

With verification from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), it can now look to roll out the scheme.

Speaking to The Drum, Joe Lewis, Origin research director, underlined the importance of the project: “True cross media measurement will drive benefit to consumers through a better experience of advertising and better value for advertisers through improved effectiveness and efficiency in the media marketplace. Without it, marketers are not able to truly evaluate their marketing activity.”

Though the project is unlikely to be rolled out until 2024, we are looking forward to being able to deliver to our clients a more in depth analysis of their campaigns across Linear Tv and digital.

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